Aura Sleep Tracker Wake-up Light Combo

Aura by Withings wake up light sleep tracker combo

This wake-up light does more than gently waking by guiding you to your lightest sleep phase. It also tracks your sleep patterns with use of the matress sensor abling it to tweak your sleep. Basically it’s a sleep tracker, wake-up light combo.

Contrary to most existing sleep trackers that analyze exactly in which sleep phase (e.g. light, REM or deep sleep) you are, the Aura learns to understand and optimize your sleep cycles and influences it by sound and light.

Placed on your bedside it monitors breathing cycles, body movements, heart rate and influences your Circadian rythm (personal body clock).

The multi-color LED dimming light uses the scientific proven link between light intensity and color, and Melatonin secretion (a hormone that influences our sleep-wake cycle). It emits fading red/ orange light at night and blue light to gently wake you up.

Delicate sound programs guide your sleep experience by replicating the circadian rhythm’s frequency, and pattern. The sounds relax you while falling asleep and stimulate you upon waking up.

The accompanying app gathers nightly sleep reports via Wi-Fi, thus visualizing your sleep cycles which provides insights in your quality of sleep. Find out more here. More sleep gadgets here.



Last Updated on August 18, 2015 by Tyler