extra loud bicycle horn

Ear Rupturing Loud Bicycle Horn Light

Heard of that saying, loud as a horn? Well, this nifty little bicycle gadget sure as hell lives up to that claim because this horn is as loud as thunder (or a horn). Literally.

An average of 720 bicyclists are killed every year in accidents related to cars. Whether the driver doesn’t see them at all or sees has trouble seeing them in certain weather conditions, it seems as if reflective gear just isn’t enough.

Most of the cities across the U.S. still don’t have designated bicyclist lanes, and it makes biking around a town or city that much riskier.

If only there was something that combined lights and a horn, just like a car. That would make you easier to see and hear, right?

Introducing, T-Toper Electric Bike Horn.

Its skull-based design has two bright LED lights as well as four incredibly loud horn sounds that can be set off at the touch of a button.

It is lightweight, so it doesn’t add drag to your biking; and it is weather-resistant, so it can be used in any weather conditions you are cycling in.

The horn sounds can get as loud as 120 dB. To give you a comparison, a chainsaw revs at 120 dB, and thunder claps at 122 db.

That means that your horn will be able to raise over the honking of horns in traffic as well as heard on a busy, pedestrian-filled sidewalk.

All it takes to power is two AAA batteries, and it can be easily adhered to any bike handle for easy access and use.

Let this electric extra loud bike horn be the reason you bike home safely today. Don’t forget to wear your ear plugs.



Last Updated on March 16, 2017 by Tyler