You may occasionally like to roam the web for funny, nonsensical gizmos. It can be entertaining to see Batman couch suits, pooping dogs calenders, and toilet bowl-shaped coffee mugs pass by.

But there may be a chance you think these gadgets are a waste of resources and time. Who buys that stuff anyway?

When you are searching the internet to buy someone a gift that’s not immediately re-gifted or tossed you’ll find you have to cut trough a lot of clutter.

At we present you a selection of useful gadgets and essential cool stuff. No self-stirring, glow in the dark USB coffee mugs. But things you will actually use.

Stuff that makes your life easier or more pleasant. Things that help you save energy, or time, or live more sustainably.

Nowadays there are so many great (new) products that actually do something for you. Products that help you monitor your health, improve your habits, save you time or space, reduce risks and so on.

At the same time there is this entire movement going on that’s minimizing expenses. They say it’s enough with the exorbitant shopping, where in the end, only the direction and shareholders benefit.

Companies learn not to create junky, or unnecessary products. The public demands they offer functionality and quality instead.

At hobbr we are specifically interested in such trends. In smaller, more modest, more affordable living. Living in a conscious and more environmental friendly way. Whether you are downsizing to be able to travel more or because you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

Many of us are living in smaller, more energy and space-efficient spaces. The products we use often are multifunctional. Or just functional and durable. But always of high quality.

Yet at the same time we realize that shopping is fun. After all, we human beings are still hunter gatherers.


That’s why hobbr is not your ordinary gadget site. We don’t just list cool products. We find and show products that are useful. Stuff with genuine added value. New inventive gadgets evolved from the latest technological developments. Or clever innovations.

Great design

Stuff has to look good too. Design is not only how it works. Good design literally moves us. Brain scan studies show that when we see something attractive the brain part that lets your hands move is triggered.

When things meet certain mathematical standards, have certain colors or shapes, they not only appeal more to us but improve our health and productivity as well. That’s the reason you will find a fair share of design products here.


Products listed on hobbr have proved their worth since we only list stuff that is reviewed well. Products that are rated at least 3.5 out five stars, a B rating, or an eight out of 10. (provided that reviews are available).

In other words,

hobbr shows you the nuts and bolts among products offered on the internet.


Do you know of a product you think belongs here? Shoot us an email.