sensors and an app remind you when you're at a certain location

WeNote Location Based Reminder System

Always forget your keys when you step out of the door? Maybe your children forget to take out the trash before they to go socialize with their friends.

Do your roommates forget to turn off the lights when they leave? Manage to omit turning off the coffee pot every morning before you leave the house?

It’s alright, you are not alone. Our lives are hectic, and our schedules are full to the brim with meetings and play-dates and doctor’s appointments.

It is inevitable that we will forget something along the way, even if it is just a simple locking of the front door.

Let WeNote help you organize your life.

WeNote is the first indoor, location-based reminder application. WeNote doesn’t just remind you of events set for a certain time, it also reminds you of events set in a certain place.

The location-based function allows you to set reminders based on whether or not you are coming to or leaving from a particular place.

Through your smartphone it warns you to take out the trash when approaching the garage. It tells you to send that email to a prospect when you arrive at work. It makes sure you don’t forget to drive by the grocery store on your way home.

The beacon, when it senses your presence, sends out a signal that activates any reminders you might have set, and allows you to further organize your life while reminding you of simple things you might forget otherwise.

With a working radius of 15 meters, it is the most accurate location-based system on the market, and it works inside of buildings. Not just around them.

You can even tailor these reminders to places outside of your home, like your office, or even your car. Simply place a WeNote beacon wherever you need your reminders, set them, and let the beacon work for you.

But, the best part?

WeNote can handle groups.

You can put up to three users on any one WeNote beacon, and this enables you to share tasks, create groups that receive the same time and location-based alerts, and even gives you instant messaging capabilities between those parties.

With WeNote, you can set instant, everyday reminders as well as long-term, future reminders that activate based on time and location. It’s the first of its kind as well as the most accurate system on the market.

WeNote doesn’t just organize your life, it protects it. Let WeNote work for you.


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Last Updated on February 17, 2017 by Tyler