flow hive

Flow Let’s You Tap Honey Straight From The Hive

Always wanted to keep bees but feel uncomfortable at the thought of having to walk around in a white netted suit while smoking a huge cigar?

But seriously, it’s totally understandable if concern for your personal safety may keep you from keeping bees,

Beekeeping and extracting honey is a tricky, and involved, process. Sedating bees with smoke is required for apiarists to harvest their honeycombs, and it puts the bees under a great deal of stress.

There is hard work and heavy lifting behind building the traps necessary for the honeycombs to sit within, and there is even heavy equipment necessary to process and purify the honey after it is extracted.

But the revolutionary Flow™ hive completely changes this game.

No fuss, all buzz..

With this easy-to-use system, the multi-step process of extracting honey becomes as easy as removing a plug and inserting a tube.

The extraction process is gentle, there are no loud noises, and each honeycomb frame can hold between five and nine 8 oz jars of honey.

Why go against the flow? Flow makes bee keeping child’s play.

But, the best part?

There is no harm to the bees.

The Flow™ hive system is offered as a full kit as well as in individual frames. These frames consist of partially-formed honeycombs that entice bees to deposit the honey they have created.

Then, when a frame is full and ready to harvest, you simply insert an L-shaped tool in the top cap of the frame and rotate.

This process opens those partially-formed honeycombs in to honey-flowing channels, cascading in a downward fashion towards the tube leading right into your collection jar.

The bees remain undisturbed and in good health, and there is no heavy lifting required.

Flow Hive is the bee’s knees among bee keeping kits. Whether you are a beginning backyard beekeeper or an expert, the Flow™ hive system is made for two purposes:

  • 1) to harvest honey with ease, and
  • 2) to protect the bees.

What a sweet, sweet setup.


Check it out.


Last Updated on February 14, 2017 by Tyler