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24 Types of e-Bikes – Models, Designs for Every Riding Style

Ever wondered? “What are the different types of e-bikes out there?” It’s a legit question because with an avalanche of innovation in the electrical bicycle scene there’s nowadays tons of different models to choose from.

Completely new styles of e-bikes are emerging. Mash-ups such as a “rugged utility urban cruisers” are roaming the streets. At the same time, a revival of classic bicycle models, yet in electrified form, is taking place.

With all these exciting, ground-breaking new e-bike types popping up, it’s no wonder you’ll want to know what kind of interesting models are out there.

So we’ve compiled an overview of 24 types of e-bikes, to help you find the right electric bike for your needs.

Note: this list is not about types as in whether they fall into class 1, 2, or 3 and as a result where you are allowed by law to ride them.

This overview is about types of e-bikes as in styles, models, designs. Categories, based on how the e-bike looks and thus functions.

Different types of e-bikes can be categorized by; legal classes, motor type, frame design and material, riding position, type of propulsion and steering, number of wheels, number of riders, sport, and by style. But in the end it all comes down to function.


eBike classes


Class 1 e-bikes: pedal assist a.k.a. pedelecs, are bicycles that are equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and ceases to provide assistance when the bike reaches a speed of 20 mph.

Class 2 e-bikes: throttle e-bikes, are similar to Class 1 e-bikes, but they also have a “throttle” feature that allows the rider to use the motor to propel the bike without pedaling.

Class 3 e-bikes: a.k.a speed pedelecs, are bicycles that are equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and ceases to provide assistance when the bike reaches a speed of 28 mph. Class 3 e-bikes are also required to have a speedometer.


Understanding your e-bike options in 2023

From electric bicycles that look like classic motorcycles to contemporary hybrid all-rounders, if it exists, it’s on this list. Or, soon will be…

So here we go.


24 Types of e-bikes to help you find the best e-bike for your riding style

  1. electric conventional bicycle
  2. electric mountain bike
  3. electric all terrain bike
  4. electric hunting bike
  5. electric road bike
  6. electric touring bike
  7. electric urban/ city / commuter bike 
  8. wooden frame -ebike
  9. stealth e-bike
  10. electric micro bicycle (without pedals)
  11. electric BMX  a.k.a  “fun-sized” e-bike
  12. electric folding bike
  13. electric cargo bike
  14. electric utility bike
  15. electric minimalist bicycle
  16. electric tandem bicycle
  17. electric adult tricycle bicycle
  18. electric cruiser bicycle
  19. 70’s mini-bike style electric bicycle
  20. vintage street tracker style electric bicycle
  21. electric moped style bicycle
  22. scrambler style electric bicycle
  23. electric dirt bike
  24. electric enclosed bike


1. The regular electric bicycle  (e-bike)

the electrical version of the classic bicycle we all know and love

conventional electric bicycle
go faster, farther with minimal effort on a good old conventional bicycle upgraded with an electric motor.

The conventional bicycle, commonly used for commuting, running errands and shopping, has been a success pretty much since its invention around the beginning of the 19th century. It’s the quintessential personal electric vehicle (PEV).

This type of e-bike’s typical features include; an upright riding position, middle or heavy frame, average size tires, internal gear hub (vs. derailleur), full fenders, chain guards, and a rear cargo rack.

After the bicycle boom, a few decades ago, electric motors are now propelling the bicycle’s popularity to even greater heights. Even Americans don’t see the bicycle as just a kids toy anymore. Just kidding guys.

A bit boring, you say? Pretty far from it, as the typical boomer bicycle nowadays comes in modern, futuristic, classic, and vintage designs.

As is demonstrated by this popular conventional e-bike dubbed “best value electric bike” according to Forbes, Ride1Up’s 700 series.


2. The electric mountain bike (e-MTB)

get away from it all, and all the way back

electric mountain bike
electric mountain bikes allow for a higher top speed, increased range, easier hill climbing, a more extreme riding experience

The characteristics of this type of e-bike:

The MTB is characterized by its straight handlebars, wide knobby, deep-theaded tires and relatively small, robust frame. These days, suspension forks are pretty standard, even on the more affordable models.

Add an electric motor to the bicycle designed to cross through mountainous terrain and you’ve got a sporty bike that will propel you uphill so you can enjoy the thrill of even more downhill descents.

After all, those downhill trails constitute the most thrilling part of the whole thing, amirite?

e-MTB sub-types

Speaking of descending, the off road bicycle scene has differentiated into a wide range of specialized sports and pastimes. In the genres downhill, and especially enduro; speed is what it’s all about. Freeriders do it for the tricks and stunts.

When dirt jumping is the name of the game, it literally is, namely jumping over mounds of soil in order to become airborne. Then there’s also freestyle motocross, slopestyle MTB-ing, XC racing, and a whole bunch of other offshoots. And of course there’s electric MTB’s specially designed for each of these cycling sports.

Best selling e-MTB’s include the; Giant Talon (image), Specialized Turbo Levo, and Santa Cruz Heckler and Watt Wagons Hydra in the high end segment.


3. The electric ATB (e-ATB)

the off-road capable e-bike that’s not a full-blown mountain bike

electric all terrain bike
looks like a mountain bike, is mainly ridden on bike lanes and streets

The characteristics of this type of e-bike:

The electric all terrrain bicycle’s geometry is designed for pretty much the same purpose as that of the traditional mountainbike with the following difference.

The all terrain bike has a mountain bike frame but with higher handlebars for more comfortable cruising, bigger tires yet with normal road profile, fenders, reflectors and lights, and often a luggage carrier.

In comparison, MTB’s have dedicated tire profiles suitable for rough terrain and handlebars situated on the same height or lower than the saddle for a more aggressive, sporty cycling position. After all there’s a difference between the hard core mountain biking sport and the more moderate off-road adventuring.

Popular e-ATB models: the Ripcurrent S (image).


4. The hunting e-bike

electric hunting bicyle
get your gear in and your game out conveniently

Get to yourself and your kit to your tree stand or blind faster, without leaving your scent, breaking a sweat or making noise. Pull a trailer to carry extra gear and bring game back virtually effortlessly.

Discover new hunting and fishing grounds. Reach those remote areas you’ve always wanted to scout. Do a quick and easy trail cam patrol. Avoid spooking deer by keeping control over site, scent, and sound. Adding a hunting e-bike to your arsenal is an upgrade that could take your hunting experiences to the next level.

What exactly is a hunting e-bike?

Just a fat tire e-MTB with camouflage print vinyl wrap? Nope, these are dedicated bikes for hunters and fishermen and come with a wide range of features and accessories such as a mid-drive motor (ideally), beefy suspension, fat, grippy tires, consistent drivetrains with chain guards and guides, robust back racks, firearm and bow holders, extra batteries, additional storage, solar pannier chargers and deer carts.

Did you know that some of these bad boys even come with dual fat-tired front wheels making expeditions through the most challenging back country terrain with steep inclines smooth and fun.

Popular e-bikes designed and built for hunting: Bakcou Mule Elite, Rambo Rebel 1000W (image), Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition, Megatron Xw2.


5. The electric touring bike   (tour e-bike)

electric touring bike
robust bikes built for long-distance touring often with fenders, racks, and either flat or drop bars

The characteristics of this type of e-bike:

Compared to road bikes, touring bikes often, but not always, feature flat handlebars which allow for a comfortable, upright riding position. The wider wheels create more stability making them better capable of carrying heavy loads such as a tent, a backpack with clothing, a sleeping bag and spare clothes. Furthermore touring bikes often come with baggage racks, front and tail lights, and mudguards.

What is bicycle touring?

Touring, meaning long-distance cycling from A to B over a period of several days, weeks or longer, can be roughly divided into three types. There’s the classic bicycle touring on a robust bike with panniers and other bags attached to the bike.

There’s the more luxurious, so called ‘credit card bicycle touring‘ which includes a minimal amount of luggage and stays in comfortable hotels, fine dining, luggage service and so on.

Then there’s the currently trendy bikepacking which involves packing as light as possible (everything should go on the bike’s frame) yet still being self supportive.

Tour e-bike sub-types

In the same category falls the trekking e-bike which is basically a ‘touring bike light’ sporting a more upright geometry, flat bars, wider tires, sturdier frame for off road use whereas touring is focused more on long distance cycling.

Popular tour e-bikes: Cannondale Tesoro Neo (image)


6. The electric road bike (e-road bike)

life is a journey, enjoy the ride

electric road bike
explore the frontiers of your Sunday group ride with e-road bikes

The iconic sports bike made famous by the prestigious road cycling races such as the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta de España.

The characteristics of this type of e-bike

Recognized all over the world by the iconic drop handlebars, these road racing bikes are lightweight, have skinny, smooth tires to be cycled at high speeds on smooth pavements. Not the best option for (unpaved) trails as they tend to become unstable and uncomfortable.

And now this iconic bicycle comes in electric versions too. When critically considering different types of electric bikes one might argue, what’s the point of an e-road bike? Isn’t the sport all about the Spartan aspect?

Well sure, and it still is.

It’s just that the electric drive allows more people to enjoy gorgeous mountainous sceneries by climbing steep, energy-sapping mountain roads or going on longer tours, seeing even more of the dazzling landscapes that previously were out of reach.


Various sub categories of e-road bikes exist such as fixies (fixed gear), cyclocross (cx or cross), triathlon, fitness, gravel bikes (i.e. the Giant Revolt E+ Pro) and more.

Popular e-road bikes: Propella 7-Speed (V3.4), the affordable Aspire Camilien (image), and another affordable, yet very well reviewed e-road bike is the Ride1Up Roadster.


7. The electric urban / commuter bike  (urban e-bike)

electric urban bicycle

Designed to take you to your living or, for some, help make your living, the urban cycling style is characterized by frequent, relatively short trips that involve moderate speed and frequent stops (those dreaded traffic lights. Grrr!).

On the flip side though, leaving your car on the driveway and commuting by e-bike feels so rewarding. Not just because you’re minimizing your carbon footprint. Instead of coming home frustrated from traffic jams and wasting time looking for parking you’ll come home relaxed and invigorated.

The characteristics of the e-city bike:

A chain and skirt guard and fenders help shield one’s clothes, work attire, or business suit from rain, mud, grease and other dirt whereas front and back lights as well as side reflectors increase personal safety in urban traffic.

Dedicated luggage mounts allow for easy transportation of groceries, sports and shopping bags, suitcases or other luggage.

Also known as Dutch bikes these bikes feature an upright, comfortable riding position combined with flat handlebars, moderately wide tires and relatively heavy, durable frames and parts.

Popular urban e-bikes: Ampler Curt 7,5, Moustache Friday 28.1 (image)


8. The wooden frame e-bike

wooden frame electric bicycle
wood absorbs several times as much vibration as steel or carbon

“Quirky much!”, do I hear you say? “Wooden bike frames, nothing more than an eccentric way for to tree hugging hipsters to virtue-signal eco-consciousness?” Not at all! Actually, building e-bikes with wooden frames makes a lot of sense. Here’s why..

First of all there’s the damping effect of a wooden frame. Due to wood’s natural cellulose structure, wooden e-bike frames are great at absorbing vibrations such as when riding through potholes or over curbs, drains, cracks and bumps.

Normally, tires rolling over uneven surfaces transmit road vibrations through the wheels, into the frame, and then into the biker’s body.

What a wooden frame has on a metal or even a carbon frame is that it allows for a much smoother ride because wood, being a visco-elastic material, dissipates this vibration energy as heat within the bike frame so it’s not transferred to you, the bike rider. Moreover, wooden frames also reduce noise while cycling.

Heat building up in a wooden frame, must be dangerous especially considering the presence of batteries and wires, right? Nope, no worries because the bike frame temperature change is negligible as it’s spread over the entire frame. Not even if you would ride a deteriorated cobblestone road with maximum tire pressure.

Secondly there’s the high customization level that wooden e-bike engineering makes possible.

Certain companies such as My Esel offer a configuration tool which allows customers to indicate their favorite riding position and exact body measurements to perfectly fit the frame to their needs. This way the tailor made ash veneer hardwood plywood frame e-bikes adapt to the cyclist instead of the cyclist to the bicycle’s geometry.

Thirdly, since wood is strong yet lighter than aluminum or steel a wooden e-bike frame can be thick without being heavy. The thicker the wooden frame, the more vibration and energy absorption advantages you’ll enjoy. While still relishing the vivacity and stiffness of a high-end steel bike.

Some manufacturers even claim that wooden bikes dampen so well, they don’t need suspension. To boot, a larger wooden frame harbors more space for (hidden) batteries and a mid drive motor. Allowing, theoretically, for an ultra slick looking stealth e-bike with an exceptional range.

Examples of wooden e-bikes: Aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike, MyEsel‘s tailor-made wooden e-bikes, the custom-built, one-of-a-kind Electraply.


9. The stealthy e-bike

stealth electric bicycle with concealed battery and extra quiet motor
avoid attention from potential thieves with an electric bicycle with a concealed battery and whisper quiet motor

This type of e-bike is for those who like to keep a low profile. Only the hawk-eyed onlooker will spot a small power button on the top tube and a hardly visible rear hub motor. Apart from that, everything including the battery and controller, are hidden.

Mechanical doping (sneakily using a motor), as it was called in the Tour the France, offers a secret boost to cheaters and peace of mind to those who live in high-theft areas.

After all, one of the major disadvantages of owning an e-bike is worrying your expensive bike gets stolen as well as the time and effort it costs to properly lock up your bike. And even then your bike isn’t entirely safe. A good u-lock, for instance, will stop bolt cutter and pry bar theft attempts but doesn’t defend against a battery powered grinder.

GPS trackers to retrieve a stolen bike for when it does get jacked, also have their downsides. What’s more, in many countries e-bike insurance is expensive, especially if your bike requires motorcycle insurance. So for many urban e-cyclists, stealth builds are the way to go.

Popular stealth e-bikes: Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2, Luna Fixed Stealth Ebike, the Roadster V2 that appears to be a non-electric fixie, and the aptly dubbed Rose Sneak+.


10.  The electric micro bicycle (micro e-bike)

this lil’ e-bike weighs less than a two year old toddler

micro electric bicycle

This is one for the bicycle geeks and freaks. Or.. for those of us who value practicality. Mark my words, micromobility is the next big thing in e-bikes. You’re gonna see much more tiny personal e-vehicles.

Does this micro e-bike look funny? Sure, but let ’em laugh because this bike is simple, swift, lightweight, compact and affordable. It makes riding, transporting and storing the bike easy and fun.

And, arguably, this itsy bitsy bike is the best thing for short range urban travel. It’s somewhere in between a scooter and a mini bicycle.

Sour cats will moot that the Jackrabbit Bike lacks pedals and therefore isn’t a bike. I’d say, scooter, schmooter, if a motorcycle is a bike, then this pedal-less peanut is a bike.

Another popular bike in this segment: Propella Mini.


11. The electric BMX

and similar “fun-sized” bikes

electric BMX-style bicycle
the cruisin’ & trick bike the cool kids (used to) ride

BMX, aka bicycle motocross, the cycle sport so many enjoyed in their youths. You and the cyclomaniacs on the block might have had your own chaingang, too. Brings back fond memories? What could be cause for even more excitement than the classic BMX?

Well, yes you guessed it, the iconic BMX bike is now too available in an electrified version. More pedal power my man! Slow speed matters no more!

The battery operated cross bike with its 20″ wheels for optimal maneuverability to do tricks, jumps, quick turnarounds and more is arguable still the go-to fun machine when it comes to e-bikes. The e-BMX easily fits in car trunks, subway trains, elevators, and your apartment.

Popular electric BMX style bikes and models inspired on the iconic bike include: Zooz Bikes Ultra Urban models (image), EINS’s “deluxe electrified BMX cruisers”, Urban Drivestyle’s Urban UDX, and the “fun sized” Juiced RipRacers.


12. The folding e-bike

electrified practicality

electric folding bicycle
electric folding bikes offer way more than handy convenience

Folding bikes were never the epitome of offering the most thrilling rides but their juiced cousins put an end to that dull image.

The characteristics of this type of e-bike:

Advantages of a folding e-bike include reduced theft risk as you can easily fold and carry your bike with you into your apartment, under your office desk, in your car trunk, or next to you on the train.

Less exposure to the elements will prevent rusting and wear in general. It will also allow you to skip the bus or taxi which may safe you some serious green folding in the long run.

Downsides of a foldable e-bike: smaller wheels make these bikes relatively slow and off-road or rides on bad roads can be a bit more bumpy.

Popular e-folding bikes:

  • Lectric XP 2.0 (possible to upgrade it from a Class 2 (20mph) to a Class 3 (28 mph.)
  • Gocycle G4i+
  • Aventon Sinch (best space-saving)
  • Rad Power RadExpand 5
  • Qualisports Volador 20 (best lightweight)
  • Murtisol 3-Speed (most affordable at less than $600)
  • Gocycle G4 (high-end)
  • Sondors Fold X


13. The electric cargo bike (e-cargo bike)

for hauling groceries, kids, and eco-friendly biz operations

electric cargo bicycle
the two-wheeled electric minivan  ♫ So incredible, so phenomenal, you always push me through, unforgettable, electrified-ied, electrified with you ♫

Pretty much every type of bicycle design comes in an electrified variation. If you’d ask me, one of the most exciting types of electric bicycles is the electric cargo bicycle. Why?

Because you can haul pretty much anything in an environmental friendly way from A to B. From your kids, two weeks worth of groceries, to newly bought furniture, the old fridge for charity, and… how about hauling more bikes! So you, hubby and the youngsters can all cruise together at the beach or in the woods.

Electric-assist cargo bikes offer tons of fun for riders and passengers, just ask my little nephew. As well as provide loads of opportunities and cost savings for environmentally conscious businesses.

e-cargo bike sub-types:

Grocery getters, a.k.a. school bus bikes come in the following variants; the front loader (aka long john or bakfiets), mid tail carrier, and long tail cargo bikes. They are also known as freight bikes, cycle trucks, carrier cycles and box bikes.

Everyone can now have their own mean green mini hauling machine. Oh, did you know there’s even dog cargo e-bikes?

Popular brands and models include; the Yuba Supercargo CL, Urban Arrow’s Family (image), Tern’s Quick Haul, and Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon 4


14. The electric utility bike   (e-utility bike)

offers pretty much the whole kit and caboodle

electric utility bike

What exactly is a utility e-bike?

The utility bike is less of a specific type of bicycle and more of a broad designation. All bikes that are designed for practical transportation, instead of sports or recreation, can be deemed utility bikes.

Still, the inception of battery operated bicycles has brought with it the emergence of a specific type of e-utility bike in terms of design and purpose.

The characteristics of this type of e-bike:

It’s an e-bike with generally (not necessarily) kinda, sorta the geometry of a folding bike yet upgraded with cargo bike features such as front and rear racks, 20″ – 24″ inch wheels for extra maneuverability.

Often they feature a step-thru frame, cruiser saddles, extra seating and/or cargo space. In other words the whole shebang in terms of parts and features in one package.

Because of the tendency to stick the label “utility bike” on various kinds of e-bikes answering the question: “which is the best electric utility bike for me?” may become a bit tricky.

Going by popularity, largely based on what cycling friends tell me (especially kudos to Sven, a world cruising cycling aficionado), is that the RadRunner (image) by Rad Power Bikes is hard to beat in terms of price and usefulness.


15. The minimalist e-bike

show off your ride while enjoying freedom from the pump

minimalist e-bike
drop the kitch, doo-dads and other nonsense that serves no useful purpose and you’ll get pure simplicity in bicycle form

Minimalists will love this type of e-bike. Or anyone who adheres to the creed; less is more. Minimal e-bikes, understated e-bikes, or so you will, naked e-bikes offer simplicity through only featuring the bare essential components. Get rid of dispensable elements and you’ll end up with sophisticated essence. Indispensable parts are hidden away for sleek looks.

Of course a hardcore minimalist will be adamant on bikes with only one gear, the so called single speed e-bike a.k.a. the fixie e-bike. However, various ultra sleek e-bikes in this segment come with shifters or derailleur hangers nonetheless. At any rate, these e-bikes are as minimal as they come and and generally have a modern, almost futuristic (light-weight) frame and slim race-type tires.

Popular minimal e-bikes: Lekker Amsterdam+ (e-fixie), Desiknio Singlespeed (e-fixie), Veloretti Electric Ace, Cowboy 4 (image), Van Moof S5 (designed for European market), RAKEDE Boost Black (e-fixie), and, variously, the Ride1Up Core 5.


16. The electric tandem bike (e-Tandem bike)

double trouble or twice the fun?

electric tandem bicycle
“It takes two to tandem”

Let’s not straddle the fence, tandem bikes look funny. As in circus act funny. Not only that, riding a tandem bike (especially an electric tandem bicycle) safely requires a lot of communication back and forth between its two drivers.

Starting, stopping, braking, gear shifting, turning, upcoming road block, you name it. Working together via effective communication gets put to the test on a tandem bike.

Something couples often struggle with without being stuck face to back and vice versa on an iron horse. This makes prospects wonder, would our marriage survive us riding a tandem?

No wonder bike shop owners are known to dub the double bikes “divorce rockets”. Of course, learning to cooperate can function as couples therapy too. Plus, studies show that couples exercising together are healthier and happier.

Talking about communication and connectedness, bicycles in general promote social cohesion as you can properly greet (and meet) your neighbors instead of passing them behind a windscreen at 30 mph during commutes and errand runs.

The characteristics of this type of e-bike:

The tandem bike might resemble the pinnacle of social transportation as you stand out more. Because of its novelty and harmless character, people smile and wave at tandem cyclists.

Moreover, tandems are roughly 10%-30% faster than regular bicycles, have better aerodynamics than two single bikes as there’s less wind resistance on a tandem and they are popular as cycle camping bikes,

Popular e-tandem bikes include Pedego’s tandem and Samedi’s 27X2 (image)


17.  The electric adult tricycle bike   (e-Trike)

triple threat electric bicycle

electric tricycle

Benefits of this type of e-bike. Adult trike e-bikes are a great type of bicycle for older, balance impaired or special needs people as part of an independent living strategy.

Get around on your own terms, exercise your body and mind, increase stamina, boost your immune system, grow muscles, without the risks to strain and injuries that come with regular e-bikes.

Be able to use both hands while slowing down or when stopped. Carry luggage, groceries, every day carry essentials and more in baskets and racks. Heck, you could even bring Barney’s dog bed. Ample storage capacity allows you to go for longer trips which means even more three-wheeled freedom

Types of electric trikes:

  • recumbent e-trikes  relaxed, semi-seated position, aerodynamic advantage
  • fat tire / snow and beach e-trikes

Popular e-trike: the Addmotor M340 (image).


18. The electric (beach) cruiser bicycle   (e-cruiser bike)

“Come on let’s cruise ya got nothin’ to lose”

electric cruiser bicycle
long and relaxed e-bikes for lengthy and chill rides

Cruisers are designed for coasting beach boulevards, boardwalks, paved park paths, and other leisurely environments. Their upright riding positing, low comfy seat, and relatively high up-sometimes swept-back- handlebars, wide “balloon” tires, and relatively low to the ground configuration allow for comfortable, casual rides where speed, crossing long distances, and going up hills isn’t the highest priority.

Although electric motors have largely taken away these disadvantages. For beach cruisers that actually move in the sand, opt for a fat tire model with a sufficiently strong motor.

Popular e-cruiser bikes: Ride1Up’s Cafe Cruiser (image), Biktrix Stunner LT cruiser e-bike, the Ariel Rider Electric Cruiser,  SixThreeZero’s Around the Block 500, and the  Navigator Go!


19.  The vintage street tracker electric bicycle

fine vehicles from the Flapper Era


vintage track racer e-bike
flat tracker style electric bicycles for roaring rides

One of the most outstanding types of electric bikes. These retro-styled electric bicycles, reminiscence of the 1910’s and 1920’s board track racer motorcycles, sure pack a panache punch. “Old is the new new”, they say, so when vintage is the new craze you can’t go wrong with a track racer style e-bike.

Resembling Flying Merkels and Indians roaming the streets of the Mad Decade these e-bikes unite head-turning classic style and green performance like nothing seen before. So hop on, get caught in the allure of the open road. Freedom is a full e-bike battery.

Popular vintage style e-bikes: Rayvolt Cruzer, Vintage Electric Bikes’ Roadster (image), Revi Bikes’ Cheetah Plus “cafe racer”.


20. The 70’s (style) mini-bike electric bicycle     (70s mini e-bike)

scrambler e-bike
mini e-bikes for max epic rides

This is one of my favorite types of e-bikes. Classic hallmarks of the original retro mini bike; a small, rectangular shaped frame with a rear swing arm, a buddy seat, tiny wheels sporting relatively big knobby tires, ape hanger handlebars and a big round headlight.

These old school bad boys are also known as bench seat e-bikes and are designed for throttle-powered riding with pedaling to boost speed and or range.

Get a move on, breathe some fresh air, feel the wind on your face, and be overcome with nostalgia for the atmosphere of the 70’s on a groovy electric minibike.

A bit funky, you say? Heck yeah! These are the rides for those who know how to appreciate the good vibes. And if you gotta skitty, just keep on steppin’ on these conventional bicycle and retro mini bike blends.

After all, it’s what all the cool kids ride these days. So who cares some goofs call these rides scramblers. Yes, seriously “scramblers”, talking about freaky deaky huh? Urban dirt bikes they are sometimes called as well. I kid you not, urban.. dirt.. Oxymoronic, no?

Well, enough is enough.

The lowdown of it is this, they’re not the fastest, nor do they carry the most luggage and neither are they built to tour across the state, these retro e-bikes are for jiving.

Or in more contemporary slang, if you dig the appealing traits of a moped and a bicycle’s reliability, this might just be the class for you.

Popular 70s minibike style e-bikes: Ariel Rider D Class (image), Ariel Grizzly, Buzzraw X, Cruz73, Hurley Mini Swell, Juiced Scorpion, Juiced HyperScrambler 2, Monday Anza, Phatfour e-bikes, Sondors Madmods, Super73’s S2 & ZX and their racing variant the Malibu, Ruff Cycles Lil’buddy, and the Rize Blade 2.


21.  The moped-style e-bike

when pedals become solely decorative

moped-style e-bike

Stepping back into the 1980’s now, with e-bike designs harking back to the iconic Puch Maxi, Piaggio Ciao, Tomos Bullet and other pedal mopeds of this era.

Here we’re gradually entering the grey area where the regular electric bicycle merges with mopeds and even motorcycles. Some manufacturers, such as Onyx Motorbikes, classify their moped-style e-bike named Onyx CTY2 as “Part bicycle. Part motorbike.”

Since it has pedals you can still ride it in the bike lane and park it on the sidewalk. Or go in parks or anywhere where electric bicycles are allowed. Thus combining the speed, maneuverability and (somewhat) range of mopeds with the discretion of the bicycle.

Popular moped-style e-bikes; the Juiced Scorpion X (image) and HyperScorpion, Onyx CTY2, Monday Motorbikes Gateway and Gen7


22.   The scrambler-style e-bike

where electric bicycles and e-motorcycles merge

scrambler e-bike
essentially a light electric motorcycle with pedals slapped on…. an electric bicycle and full on e-motorcycle blend.

The electrified take on the quintessential makeshift dirt bike. Originally, decades ago in the good old days of petrol smell, oil stains, and black smoke, scrambler motorcycles were street bikes modified for moderate off-road use.

Stripped down and geared up with belly pans, handlebar pads, and off-road tires for riding rugged terrain they ooze a spartan look and feel.

Keep in mind that these e-scramblers, like their gas powered predecessors aren’t exemplary off-roaders but were designed to smoothly transition from tarmac to turf. So if you wanna do some serious ripping through rough-and-tumble terrain, these bikes aren’t your most suitable option.

After all, “when the easy rider left the highways and took to the trails, the riding wasn’t so easy any more..” Anyway, cruising on a e-scrambler surely will bring a vital dash of hipness to the rider.

Popular scrambler style e-bikes:  Rumble Air SS, Huck Overland & Rebel Series, Onyx RCR (image), Monday Motorbikes GEN7, Gateway Booster, Huck Stinger 3000


23.   The electric dirt bike (e-dirt bike)

dirt bike style e-bike

We’ve reached levels of e-bike -ism where it shouldn’t be possible to talk about bicycles anymore. Even if you’d hack pedals on this type of e-bike, who are we fooling? Wait, what, Luna Cycle actually offers a pedal kit for this monster? Yes officer, the Sur Ron is totally an electric bicycle.

But who cares? If you’ve driven a Surron or another e-bike of this type you’ll know these are beasts. What you’ll get is this.. the thrill of a motorcycle, the simplicity of a bicyc….. errr.. electric motorcycle? They’re so fast they are capable of putting gas  dirt bikes in the dust

Popular dirtbike style e-bikes: Sur Ron Light Bee X (image), Segway Dirt eBike X260, Talaria Sting, and the KTM Freeride E-XC.


24. The enclosed e-bike

enclosed e-bike
the mini car among e-bikes, sometimes dubbed “the Tesla of e-bikes”, is also known as electric velomobile, e-velo or e-bike car

The four-wheeled enclosed e-bike has a body that provides weather and collision protection as well as, in some models, aerodynamic advantage.

The blend between bicycle and microcar features pedals, handlebars and breaks with an electric twist. Legally classified as electric bicycles, registration or having a driver’s license is not required making this an inclusive way of transit.

Designs of these all-weather e-bikes vary. Some, the Podbike Frikar (photo) for instance, have a more futuristic appearance, looking like a F16 fighter jet cockpit on wheels. Combine the low air drag of a bobsled with the advantages of a small car and you’ll get a sustainable means of transportation with better aerodynamics than a racing bike that shields you from rain, wind, incoming bird droppings and stones kicking up from the road.

Other types of all weather e-bikes, such as the PodRide, bear resemblance to a small car (a car made out of fabric, that is). Did you know that besides electric quadracycles there’s also enclosed trikes?

So what are the benefits of riding an enclosed e-bike?

Generally no wider than a bicycle trailer you can ride an e-podbike everywhere you can ride a bike. As they often provide one seat and a small seat for a child or some luggage, these micro EV’s are your shopping cart, school bus, and commuter vehicle in one. Day or night. Sun or rain. Micromobility is on the move, baby! And we can all benefit from this green trend.

Popular enclosed e-bikes; CityQ, ETR100C, PEBL, Podbike Frikar (image), Veemo


The e-bike is taking over the world

Sparked by the battery-powered cycling craze, the bike is back! In fact, the bicycle is here to stay and more popular than ever. (e-)Cycling offers you independence (no worries about spiking gas prices or finding a parking spot), is a great family activity, allows for a fun and health boosting way to interact with nature, or meet new people, and it’s good for our planet.

With traffic jams, congested inner cities and highways, air pollution, rising fuel prices the e-bike is becoming an ever more attractive alternative to space hogging cars. Even more so because e-bikes are becoming more affordable and with better range due to increasingly powerful batteries and solar panels.

And this is only the beginning. Electric bikes in all their shapes and forms are currently taking over the world. From pedal assisted classic bicycles to three-wheeled urban delivery bikes.

The (e-)bike is the way to transport oneself in the modern 20’s. It’s a silent, exhaust free, fast, and healthy way of getting from A to B.

E-bikes contribute to a better world. A greener, more socially cohesive world. We hope this article helped you pick the type e-bike that appeals most to you. So you too can contribute to this better world.



So many exciting types of e-bikes: but you have to pick one..

Of course you don’t. You can own more than just one type of e-bike But let’s say for the sake of clarity. As a thought experiment in discovering which kind of e-bike will suit you best at this moment. Think deep and answer the following question..  Of all the types of e-bikes out there, which type is your favorite?

A mix between two or more categories perhaps? Missed something on here? Did this overview of types of electric bikes help you compare models? Marveled at all the latest designs and features? Can’t choose because you’re suffering from choice overload, perhaps?

Share your favorite e-bike type or any thoughts or questions you have in the comments below.


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