side window wiper

Viper Swiper Side Window Wiper

Your car has wipers for the front and back windscreen, but what about side visibility? The Viper Swiper is designed to clear raindrops and condensation from the side windows of your car, eliminating dangerous blind spots and making for a safer ride.

The Viper Swiper works like a squeegee: stick it to the bottom of your window, then when you unroll the window the Swiper wipes it clean. (Unfortunately, clearing the window means letting a gust of rain and cold air into your car.)

They’re delivered in a pack of two flexible 40-inch foam strips, which you simply trim to size with scissors and attach to any car window using the adhesive strips.

No permanent alternations or professional fitting is needed, and when they wear out – after 6 months to a year – you just whip them off and replace with a new set.

It’s a clever idea, but the launch of the Viper Swiper has been beset by problems. After the company raised $32,000 through Kickstarter, many funders have complained that they haven’t received their promised product.

Keep an eye out for the Viper Swiper in shops, but don’t donate to the Kickstarter hoping to get one early.

Last Updated on December 1, 2016 by Tyler