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Do you write thoroughly researched, creative, concise, clear posts about useful gadgets and want to publish your article on hobbr.com and include your own (Amazon) affiliate links? Here’s a few tips and guidelines on how to get your post published.

1.First of all, your article has to be completely unique and original. So no duplicate content but also a fresh approach to the topic or product is required. This means we won’t accept spun articles even if done skillfully by hand. Truly unique is key here.

2. We prefer detailed posts that provide readers with tons of value they can not find anywhere else on the web.  Long form copy is the way to go both for us as for you as it increases the chance your article will be found by search engines and thus receives traffic. If you don’t know the term “an inch wide, a mile deep content” then I suggest you look it up and use it to your advantage. You’re welcome 😉

This means that in terms of quantity, your post should be at least 1,000 words long for a single product post and at least 300 words per product in case it concerns a product list post. This includes an intro, conclusion, buying guide and so on. See an example of a killer list post on desk chairs for better posture.

3. The post should not waste the reader’s time. We can’t stress this enough. We don’t have the time here at hobbr to edit guest posts intensively so please be clear and concise yet extensively address the topic at hand.

4. Since reviewing and editing guest posts is time consuming we encourage you to send us a sample of your article first for us to peruse. After we deem the content of sufficient quality we can proceed with the rest of the guest post process (i.e. you sending us the whole article, review by us, edits if necessary).

5. Send the (sample of the) guest post as a Word or Open Office Doc. And I shouldn’t have to mention it but make sure it’s free of typos and grammatical errors. We’re all pros here, right?

6. Your guest post can be written in your own unique tone of voice as long as it doesn’t deviate too much from the writing style of our blog, which is casual yet helpful, simple, accessible and clear.

7. Your post has to read as though it’s written by a native English-speaker.

8. Your guest post should cover a topic related to useful gadgets and or products. Or provide tips related to health, safety, sports, kitchen, automation, gear, etc. An example of a guest post that provides tips yet isn’t a product post per se, which we would love to publish is this post on how to make sitting less unhealthy. (see how it nonetheless includes a few affiliate links to products?)

9. Your article should target valuable, relevant keywords in both the title and copy to optimize for SEO purposes.

10. It should include at least one screenshot or image that’s succinctly labelled.

11. In case  you’re not using product images from for instance Amazon or the vendor you are an affiliate for, you should have the rights to all images submitted and include links to sources where appropriate.

12. In case you refer to studies or statistics in your post, we encourage you to include a link to your sources.

13. In case you’re not inserting affiliate links to products you are free to include a link to your website or social media handle in your two to three line bio .




A. As we’re looking for top tier quality content we do reserve the right to reject contributions at our discretion. We maintain the right to at any time remove a published guest post but will only do so if we have serious grounds to do so. For instance changed search engine algorithm or advertiser terms.

B. Hobbr.com will become the owner of guest post content published here. This means you can’t republish your guest post to your own website, or any other publishing platform

C. We maintain the right to at any time make necessary edits or adaptations to the guest post. For instance in case words have been used that violate Google Adsense terms. To bring it more in line with existing posts. When products are promoted that violate our view of ethical or fair business practices. To update it in the future for freshness and accuracy. Or for other reasons.

D. Display ads that are running on this website will also run on published guest posts. The revenue of these ads goes to the website owner.

E. Each link will be nofollow and should be relevant and to the reader’s benefit. We will remove any links that we deem irrelevant or otherwise not appropriate.


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