iWaku smart wake up light

Iwaku Sleep Cycle Wake Up Light

iWaku smart wake up light

Contrary to conventional dawn simulating wake up lights iwaku has something extra. It’s a sleep cycle alarm too. This means it adjusts to your sleepcycle. What’s more, it’s also a SAD therapy light.

Its optimized Blue LED light, able to emit a high light intensity, allows it to function as a bright light therapy device. Such devices are used to combat winter depression a.k.a. Seasonal Affective Disorder. This combination is ideal for people who really suffer from the winter blues and a normal wake up light is not enough to get them started.

The accompanying app uses your smartphone’s motion sensor to register your movements while asleep. Thus concluding when you are not deeply asleep. Keeping your phone on your mattress is required for this feature to function.

Via the smartphone app you can also set personal preferences such as waking up with music. Iwaku can also be used in combination with third-party sleep-monitoring apps such as Sleep Cycle. This is an app that monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you from your lightest sleep phase. This results in feeling more energetic and rested during the day.

Other features, daily therapy reminder, remote light control, music selection from playlist. More features are underway.

Lastly, iwaku is not too bulky and sports a sleek design too.

Here’s more info about iwaku.

Last Updated on December 5, 2014 by Tyler