Philips Hf3470 wake up light

Wake-up Light

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Philips Hf3470 wake up light

Free yourself of the lethargic and hazy feeling that’s caused by dark winter mornings. Mimic the rising sun with the Philips Hf3510 wake-up light and and improve your start of the day.

Clinical research shows this light to be able to re-adjust your disturbed day and night rhythm (Circadian rhythm). Wake up like nature intended with the gradually in intensity increasing warm yellow light that begins to shine 30 minutes prior to your alarm time.

Here is how this wake-up light helps you fight the winter blues.

By creating artifical dawn in your bedroom you will wake from a lighter stage of your sleep cycle. This not only makes it easier to wake up but you will feel more rested, energetic, and bright too.

This light will help stop melatonin production and start serotonin release. The soothing sounds and the ability to similate a sunset as well are an added bonus. make this a great device for the bedroom.

This is, as the manufacture says, the only wake  up light proven to work in clinical trials. 92% of users agree that it is easier to get out of bed.  Check out this overview of the most popular wake up lights of this moment.