Sense Sleep Monitor, The Best Sleep Sensor Yet?

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Sleep tracking gadgets are getting more sophisticated and continue to offer more features. Where the first devices only monitored movement in your sleep the latest smart devices offer a wide variety of functions.

The new Sense Sleep Monitor for example. It knows your sleeping behavior, keeps an eye out of your bedroom’s conditions, acts as a smart alarm, and offers recommendations based on all the gathered info combined. Thus helping you optimize your sleep as well as the start of your day.

Not only does it measure your movement while sleeping but Sense also keeps track of your bedroom environment. It keeps ‘an eye out’ of your bedroom’s temperature, humidity, ambient sound and light levels and can even detect pollen and other allergens. It tries to explain why you sleep well or not and how you can improve upon your sleep.

The ‘Sleeping Pill’

How much you move is registered with a little sensor you clip on your pillow. This tiny cicular sensor is dubbed the ‘sleeping pill’. It’s name may be dubious since it does not lull you into sleep , the fact that you don’t have to wear a wrist band or place a sensor mat under your mattress certainly is an improvement.

The ‘Orb’,

is a glowing sphere placed on your nightstand and is responsible for tracking ambient light as well as the aformentioned values thus watching over your room when you sleep. -a proximity sensor that lets you wave your hand over Sense to stop your alarm. You can also wave your hand above the device to light up a ring of LEDs at the base to get feedback on your environment.




The app

The information of your sleeping patterns (based on your nocturnal movement) and the atmosphere in your room are combined and presented to you on the smartphone app.

The app tells you how well you slept, or didn’t, by giving you a unique Sleep Score each night. The app for example informs you at which room temperature you sleep best. Or at which bed time your sleep is more sound. It may also show you that you tossed and turned a bit when the neighbours dog started barking at 4AM. Sense’s high sensitivity microphone makes it possible to play back these sounds.


The smart alarm

wakes you up in your lighter sleep phase which aids starting the day fresh and energetic.


Check out the short video below.


The internet of things is expanding and, largely thanks to the the crowdfunding revolution, has unleashed a tsunami of innovative gadgets. Since not all things made smart are equally useful, it’s nice that crowdfunding acts as a filter. Consumers choose the winners and realize their development. The Sense Sleep Monitor seems to be such a winner.

It promises to meet the standards of the so called Internet of Caring Things, which are connected products that serve peoples most important needs inclusing safety, security, oversight of loved ones and physical and mental wellbeing.

Now it’s only waiting till the next step in smart sleep technology, a device that automatically filters out sounds with white noise, that adjusts room temperature in real time, connects to the HEPA filter to filter allergens and the (de)humidifier to optimize your sleeping conditions.

Ah well, there will always be room for new innovation. Until that time, Sense is very likely to be a huge help in improving your sleep and thus your overall wellbeing.

Is Sense the best sleep monitor yet? That remains to be seen but it sure is in popular demand considering the fact that it surpassed it’s inital funding goal already whithin hours on Kickstarter.

The only downside we see here is that it doesn’t incorporate a wake up light alarm clock too. Since we can’t do without one anymore we’d like to see all these features in one device. Keeping some space on the nightstand for a glass of water and a good old book.


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