12 Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Products & Gift Ideas

You must have heard about the Himalayan pink salt lamp craze. But did you know you can get various other products made from 600-million-year-old Himalayan salt?

So if you’re looking for a health-stimulating gift idea or a gadget with a pacifying primal feel to it, you may like the following products.


1. Himalayan pink salt candle holders



What’s more pure and wholesome than a Himalayan salt lamp? Right, Himalayan salt heated by fire. Never before has candle light resembled nature in its raw, untransformed state like these Himalayan crystal candle holders do. Well except for torches in prehistoric caves perhaps but these unrefined lights come pretty close.


2. Himalayan salt block for grilling & cooking



Himalayan pink salt blocks make extremely popular grilling slabs for a reason. For various reasons actually; by imparting just a pinch of health-boosting HPS crystals they add a complex flavor to food while preventing you from over-salting. The naturally anti-microbial cooking tiles are suitable for high-heat cooking while heat is distributed evenly and retained long which makes them exceptional food warmers. With one of those you’ll relish your home-cooked meals with a rock-solid presentation. Grab yours here.


3. Salt block cooking cookbook


Ordinary table salt, bleached, its minerals depleted, is far from natural. Sea salt is increasingly toxic because of polluted oceans. No wonder the use of untainted Himalayan rock salt in the kitchen has taken such a leap. Salt Block Cooking takes the love for refined culinary methods to the next level. Bitterman’s book is a must-have for anyone who takes salt slab cooking seriously.


4. Himalayan salt detoxer

himalayan-salt-detoxerPlace your feet or hands on the Himalayan Salt Detoxer and feel the warm glow imbue  your extremities. Whether the generated negative ions actually permeate your body hasn’t been established by science but users report extraordinary soothing effects. Many describe rejuvenating experiences mainly in the form of physical relief including less stiff and tight ligaments, reduced cramps and arthritis symptoms.


5. Himalayan gourmet salt


This is probably the only ‘bath salt’ you can season your food with. Mined from ancient sea beds, Himalayan pink salt (HPS) is hailed for its purity and absence of modern environmental toxins.

Health-boosting HPS is claimed to contain 84 trace minerals as well as emit a remarkable ionic energy when the salt contacts water. Ions, allegedly, of the same nature as those found near waterfalls and the ocean.

It’s healthier than plain table salt and tastes much better too. Once you’ve tried it you’ll know the difference between the somewhat chemical taste of table salt and the more natural flavor of HPS. It’s great to cure sore throat, disinfect skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and a whole lot of other uses. A popular choice is Sherpa Pink Himalayan gourmet salt.


6. Himalayan pink salt soap bar


This earthy soap bar with its long-lasting divine scent gives you a mild scrub while moisturizing your skin and infusing it with ancient minerals. Get this artisanal soap here.


7. Himalayan pink salt detox foot tile


Alleviate the tens of thousands of nerve endings that culminate in your foot soles. Mimic the ionizing foot therapy that salons and health spas use to rejuvenate your body and mind from the bottom up.

Detoxify, soothe away stress, and promote balance from the comfort of your home. Learn more about how to use these tiles for warm, cold, and sauna detox therapy.


8. Himalayan pink salt inhaler



Clear that stuffy nose. Unblock those sinus cavities. Ease allergies. Clear out the lungs and breathe easier. Prevent the common cold from coming up. End headaches and feeling wheezy with the real deal when it comes to neti potting. Pairing immaculate Himalayan salt and distilled (or boiled) water makes for the epitome of nasal irrigation. Read how others benefited here.


9. Himalayan pink salt shot glasses


Basically these are shot glasses with all-natural built-in germ blasters (antibacterial shot glasses sounds so clinical). No more waking up hung over with a tingling sailor’s lip. Or feeling a cold coming up. Just really hung over as these shot glasses add flavor to your favorite firewater. Not for sipping, just for quickly slamming shots down.


10. The iconic amber-colored Himalayan pink salt lamp


You may call it a hippie lamp. You may scoff at its perceived health benefits. And you could be right because those are commonly exaggerated. But still there are a few pretty darn good reasons to get a Himalayan pink salt lamp.

First off, they are enthralling now aren’t they? (not so sure? wait till you see one in real life)With their rugged exterior, their earthy feel, and warm orange glow they must appeal to even the most cold-hearted individual.

There’s something primal to these lamps. The light emitting salt rock, hauled by mineworkers from the depths of Mother Earth to be brought to your place for you to enjoy it’s warm ambiance and soothing properties.

Now all poetic rambling aside, these lamps emit orange light, which science tells us, helps you wind down during the hours before bedtime (blue is the hue you’d better avoid if your health is of your concern).

They may also emit sufficient negative ions to boost your wellbeing. They do release these magical elements but to what extent has not been established by scientists. But I bet that if you read its glowing reviews you could care less about what science has to say about negative air ionization therapy.


11. Rare white Himalayan pink salt lamp


Did you know that besides the iconic amber color HPS lamps come in other hues too? A pristine, white Himalayan salt lamp for instance. For this lamp and other artisanal, fair trade lamps visit So Well.


12. Grey Himalayan pink salt lamp


An amber lamp doesn’t complement your home’s interior? What about a grey Himalayan crystal lamp? These don’t emit a vivid orange glow like the amber lamps do. Their manifestation  is more subtle, like a campfire shining through an icy cave. Making them an attractive feature in the bedroom too. Fancy a Moroccan style lamp? Perhaps a pyramid shaped lamp is more of your liking? Choose from different styles and shapes here.



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