In a perfect world, we’d have time to hit the spa every day. Making an appointment at a massage salon is not something you do every day. It’s costly and time-consuming.

And although nothing beats the real deal; skillful human hands nudging  your sore neck and tension-ridden back, electric massage devices are invaluable.

Massages make your body feel incredible, relief pain, reduce stress, and even make you healthier.


Of course you can massage your toes yourself but winding down while you are being massaged is more rewarding.

Hubby may not be always around (or be busy watching sports), perhaps you live alone or you can’t get a human massage for another reason. For these moments, an electric massager is a godsend.

They increase mobility, thus help weight loss, help you sleep better, and even make your hair shine and skin glow.

Which is why the following 10 best rated electric massagers make such great additions to a healthy life.

These well-reviewed devices even allowed users to quit chiropractor visits and reduce their regular professional deep tissue massage sessions.

To help you make a well-informed decision:

Features to consider

  • Remote-, or app-controlled for customized massages. Allows for tweaking the massage to soothe       specific parts.
  • Automatic modes vs manual compound therapy modes
  • Bi-directional movement (mimics human massage motion)
  • Multi-position capacity. Allows you to use it on various body parts.
  • Heat therapy (i.e. 4 tungsten warming lights with a range of 113°F to 149°F)
  • Infrared therapy
  • Magnetic therapy (magnet potency is expressed as such: 2000 gauss intensity.
  • Air compression with the chamber being lined by a soft cloth. (most current models utilizing air compression are not well-received.)

Roughly there are two types of massaging devices

  • Shiatsu or kneading massagers with rolling balls.
  • Vibration massagers, no rolling balls.


Here we go, the 10 best electric massagers to relax from head to toes.

This list is compiled based on the products with the most highly-rated reviews, sales numbers, and overall customer satisfaction.


1. Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow


top-rated shiatsu massage pillow

great for the office too

Are your neck and shoulders stiff and tense all the time? It’s a common complaint and often heating pads alone don’t cut it.

And if you neglect your neck  for a while, it will start feeling like a bomb ready to explode, increasing the risk of developing a pounding headache or even a migraine attack.

What’s so great about this massager is that’s far from a one-trick pony. Besides your neck and shoulders you can use it to sooth your back, head and even your feet.

Stress, we often can’t avoid, but you can relax those contracted neck and scalp muscles before they start acting up. The Zyllion massage pillow may very well by your best bet. It has received virtually nothing but glowing reviews and has little to no downsides.


  • powerful heat option
  • easily adjustable
  • highly versatile (use it literally from neck to toes)


  • you may have to get used to the rollers automatically changing directions after 5 minutes. This is not controllable.


More info here.


2. Homedics Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager


Your feet are your foundation. They are true workhorses and as such we demand a lot of our feet. We stand all day, we walk for miles, we enclose our feet in a cast called shoes which reduces sensitivity and sensory feedback. All in all, it’s safe to say that our faithful trotters can use some TLC.

So take a stand and reap the soothing benefits of a shiatsu foot massager. This particular device is powerful and known to be too ticklish for folks with sensitive feet.

It heats up,  stimulates acupressure points, and helps relief diabetic nerve pain. Especially recommended for those who are up on their feet all day such as nurses and bar tenders who prefer a deep massage.


  • strong, deep foot massage that relieves tired aching feet
  • helped relief diabetic nerve pain


  • heat could be more powerful
  • not recommended for people with delicate feet (or plantar fasciitis)


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4. Ultra-portable Handheld Mini Massager

take your massager with you anywhere you go

take your massager with you anywhere you go

If you’re in the market for a compact device you can take with you anywhere this Homedics massager is your best bet. It’s handheld for self-directed massage but does an excellent job in soothing overworked muscles.

It’s not the quietest but unleashes powerful vibrations considering its modest size. Obviously, for more thorough tension release other devices are better suited.


  • affordable
  • ultra-portable


  • a bit noisy, could be more quiet




5. TheraRUB Percussion Head Massager



According to experts, percussion massagers belong to the best massagers. These devices feature hammers sending vibrations into your muscles.  Also known as tapotement, percussion refers to tapping or patting.

The TheraRUB actually taps into your deep tissue muscle whereas many similar (and often more expensive) devices merely vibrate.

This makes this powerful, relatively lightweight handheld yet shock-absorbing massager a highly popular choice for those who need knotted muscle relief and soothe niggles and muscle spasms. Whether you’re an achy athlete or a computer-glued geek.


  • quiet
  • cheap
  • extendable handle
  • powerful


  • somewhat bulky and heavy to hold
  • some devices broke or started making more noise after a while


Read more reviews.


6. Five Star Vibrating Massage Seat Cushion

massage seat cushion with heat

massage seat cushion with heat

A big plus of this type of massager is that you don’t have to hold anything. Holding a handheld device is great when you want to focus on on a certain, sore muscle group but if relaxation is your goal, a massage cushion is your best bet.

They are available in versions you can lie on and those you put in your chair like this one. It’s great for salesmen on long car trips, screen workers to put in their office chair, or just to add to your favorite lazy chair.

The Five Star FS8812 sports 10 vibrating motors relaxing the whole area from your neck, back to your thighs while the heating pad warms your lumbar area. No rolling motors so no kneading, just vibrations. Good vibrations.


  • Gentle because of vibrating massage
  • Massages from neck to thighs, specific parts can be controlled separately
  • Allows you to sit comfortably in your car seat or computer chair when it’s not turned on too
  • Can be set to strong vibration


  • heats lumbar area only
  • heat could be stronger
  • does not fit in all (car) seats


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7. Liba Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager


LiBa shiatsu neck massager

truly portable neck and back massager for road trips and long commutes

This portable, lightweight device can easily be taken with you in your car or to your work. Strap it around a seat and plug it in with the included (car) charger and enjoy deep kneading shiatsu massage with heat.

With this appraised massager you won’t have to bribe your family members into giving you massages anymore, you may have to pay up in order to ensure you’re using it first.

Treat neck, back, your legs, or wherever tension or pain is afflicting your body. The Liba relieves muscle cramps and works great to warm up cold winter feet too.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powerful heat function
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use


  • Can easily be taken with you in the car but hard to use while driving


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8. Shiatsu Neck Massager – Foot Massager – Kneading Massage Pillow

shiatsu massager for your back, neck, feet and more

shiatsu massager for your back, neck, feet and more

You can use this massager on practically your whole body. Pull the straps to excert more pressure for a deep tissue kneading massage or loosen up for a lighter massage. The knobs change direction without without the need to change settings.

Wrap the massage band around your calves or legs or use it on your lumbar area to treat lower back pain. Wear it like a boa constrictor to get rid of tension headaches.


  • Can be used on most body parts
  • Has slightly smaller knobs than comparable devices. This allows for deep tissue massage into tighter crevices such as underneath the shoulder blades.


  • Massage knobs do not turn in various patterns and multiple directions
  • Knobs are made of hard plastic.
  • Heat output is limited.


More info and reviews here.


9. Zyllion ZMA 13 Shiatsu Chair Massager


Designed for the neck, upper and lower back, this device treats you from your neck to your hips. One of your best bets when you need serious electrical trigger point massage. Trigger points a.k.a. muscle knots are the small patches of super-contracted muscle fibers that cause stiffness and pain.

The vibrating seat and its intense massage has helped users effectively heal their lower back spasms and sprains. Its various settings including; shiatsu, rolling, neck kneading and seat vibrating combined with its powerful rollers make this a popular choice.

Common complaints; upper back height may not always be parallel to your specific needs which requires repositioning. Its steep price ($160) inclines some users to value the more affordable Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow higher.


  • solid, heavy and sturdy
  • four types of massages
  • lots of settings and options


  • for some (smaller) people it may be difficult to fully reach the lower back and shoulders


Learn more here.


New: AiraWear Jacket

Airawear compression, posture and massage jacket

Airawear compression, posture and massage jacket

This innovative, almost futuristic garment is a pressure jacket, posture correction brace and massage device in one. Use the accompanying app to start your favorite point-pressure massage program or switch on body compression or posture reinforcement.

The TWare invention looks like a normal jacket yet offers a ultra-light massage and posture improving solution. It’s smart too, in the sense that if offers bio data feedback.

The product has yet to be launched but it seems a great solution for those who want more than just massage.

We chronically sleep too little to such an extent that experts often call it a true epidemic. We are glued to our cellphones, work hours on end at our tablets and laptops, which often results in sitting in unnatural postures for extended periods while often continously looking down on a brightly lit screen.

This leads to muscle tension and stretched necks and sore backs. Massage has always been an essential part of wellness programs but in this day and age it’s almost a necessity. TWare’s AiraWear jacket intends to mold us into more natural poses.


  • multiple actions combined in a discrete jacket.


  • Not yet clear as the product hasn’t been produced  yet.


Check it out.


Note On Shiatsu Massage

Keep in mind that if you’re not used to shiatsu massage it can feel unpleasant and harsh at first. The deep kneading is something you may have to get used to first and is different from the Swedish massage characterized by an oily human touch.

Both types of massage however; improve flexibility,  increase the level of oxygen in the blood, improve blood circulation, help the body remove toxins, ease tension and aid pain management.

Which electric massager do you like best?


You can share your comments, experiences or questons below.