sufficient room for a laptop and smartphone
flexible workspaces at the office taken a step further

StorkStand Mobile Standing Desk

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StorkStand, the portable standing desk
turn any office chair into a standing desk


Standing desks are the new craze in the office space. As are active sitting office chairs. According to studies they seem to bring some significant health benefits. When you are looking to buy one, options galore. But what about your old desk. Do you toss it out?

You can buy a standing desk that can be used as a normal desk too. Maybe even a smart stand desk that goes up and down by the touch of a button and even reminds you when to move. But these can be expensive.

You can always get a more affordable cardboard stand desk but, then again, that doesn’t solve the redundance issue.

Therefore a more simple, highly flexible solution is what many office dwellers and work-at-home employees will appreciate.

Meet the StorkStand, a previous and successful Kickstarter project. With StorkStand you can quickly and easily turn an office chair into a standing desk.


sufficient room for a laptop and smartphone
flexible workspaces at the office taken a step further


What’s more, being located on top of an office chair, you can almost effortlessly pivot and wheel it around the office. Also its height is adjustable by lowering or raising the chair’s pedestal. StorkStand is attached to the chair’s backrest with a strap and its angle can be adjusted too.


the most portable standing desk
just pick it up and go, what standing desk lets you do that?


It may not feature the quasi-futuristic possibilities its more modern (and expensive) competitors do but it does offer flexibility by being portable, multi-employable, easily stored, and affordable.

Check out the short video below to learn more about the benefits of this clever innovation.



The highly mobile StorkStand sets a new standard in office equipment. Weighing only 4.2 lbs and fitting in a gym bag it will expand workplace flexibility to a large extent.

We suspect the phrase ‘bring your own desk’ (BYOD) will soon be integrated into corporate speak, among startups, and conference go’ers.

More info at StorkStand. $199.