Standing Desk Seat

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Locus-seat-byFocalGet the benefits of a standing desk without having to stand all day. The Locus seat is not a real seat but you lean into it.

This way it offers support while still standing. Since standing is so much healthier the Locus offers best of both worlds.

Researchers agree that standing is much better for you than sitting all day but when you decide to switch you will notice that it takes a while to get used to.

And even after this transition period you may still feel your feet because, well, you are standing all day.

You may notice you are marching in place to keep the blood in your legs and feet flowing. Some people use a gel kitchen floor mat to provide relief to their feet.

The Locus with its pivoting seat also solves these problems. By supporting your spine as well as allowing micro movements to the sides and forward you move more which improves your blood flow while reducing tension on your neck, shoulders and back.


support your spine in a natural manner
available in different colors


Want to get rid of that typical office shoulder pain or that post office lethargy that makes you want to sit (or drape yourself) on the couch even more? Check out the Locus here.