smart keyless bicycle locks

6 Smart Keyless Bike Locks

The latest keyless smart bicycle locks offer more than eliminating the risk of losing your keys. The past year various brands have introduced their version of the smart lock to the market. Some will be released in 2015. Others are already available. Apart from omiting the need for a physical key there are other benefits.

Some smart locks let you easily share your bike with friends or as a rental. Others have alert features that warn you when someone tries to steal your bike or others when you have had an accident. One of these locks even has a sound alarm system. Want to find out which lock suits your needs best? Here are 6 smart bike locks.




Ulock is one of the latest arrivals to the innovative bicycle lock market. It’s one of my favorites since it lets you unlock without having to take your phone out. Others are also able to ‘sense’ you are close to your bike but you still have to open up the app which takes time too. To me this seems like a big plus for the Ulock.

  • Proximity lock and unlock feature (automatically locks itself when you walk away and unlocks when you are close and tap your smartphone)
  • PIN code-protected iOS & Android app
  • Unlocking is also possibly by knocking or shaking your phone, elminating the need to take it out of your pocket.
  • Geolocation informs you about your bike’s location.
  • Price 149

Learn more at




The main reason to get this lock would probably be that it is fixed on your bike. Many other models you have to carry with you. So if this is important to you make sure to consider Looplock.

  • Solar powered
  • Proximity mode lock opening (or with a swipe on your phone)
  • Send location and temporary key bike share function
  • Saves your bike location so forgetting where you left it is not a problem
  • Fixed on your bike so no dragging your lock with you

Hit up the link to get Looplock.





The main unique selling point compared to the others will probably be the fact that this lock can be used for so many more purposes than securing a bicycle. Its long cable lets you lock much more posessions.

  • Versatile lock suitable for more than locking bicycles. Its adjustable mounting bracket with 6 foot steel cable allows for attaching to bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, strollers, snowmobiles and even grills.
  • No automatic unlock feature
  • GPS is optional. With $129,99, without $49.99.

Check Mobiloc out here.



Bluetooth connected solar powered smart lock


This is probably the most high-tech lock of the lot. With its theft and accident alert features it exceeds the traditional purpose of just fixing a bike to a landpost.

  • Keyless unlocking. Senses your approach.
  • Theft alerts. Sends and alert when there is tampering with the lock
  • Crash alerts. Notifies family or authorities in case of (potential) accidents.
  • share your bike’s location and lock access with the app
  • solar panel so its battery never runs out.
  • $159 (limited offer)

More info about Skylock.





Just like most cars have an audible alarm you could protect your bike in a similar way now with Lock8. Apart from that it also works with a cable increasing versatility.

  • GPS tracking
  • Anti theft feature. Multiple wire cut detection sensors
  • Sound alarm system (up to 120 dB)
  • Cable. Variable lengths and calibers.
  • Clamp system fits 90% of bikes
  • Lock8 app offers rental bikes
  • Price, TBA.
  • Not  yet available (they only ship test locks to distributing partners, operators and sponsors)

Ready to lock and locate? Here’s more info Lock8.





To some the ‘health tracking’ abilities of this app connected lock will be somewhat ‘gimmicky’ while others may find this a decisive extra.

  • Proximity mode unlocking. Press button on smartphone app.
  • Activity tracker. Distances, calories burned, etc are monitored. Feature can be turned off to save battery life
  • Bike location record feature
  • Easy sharing
  • 5 year battery life
  • $119 preorder.

Find out more about Bitlock.