Scout 11 handlebar duffle

Scout 11 Handlebar Duffle Makes Bicycle Commuting A Breeze

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City life is tough enough as it is, but having to carry your life around with you while cycling is simply a pain. Don’t you wish there was a secure way to transport your stuff that doesn’t require sacrificing your spine (backpacks get a little too heavy)?

North St. Bags has introduced the Scout 11 Duffle for cyclers and open air travelers alike. The bag comes with a handlebar kit to attach it directly to your bike between the handlebars.

The weight displacement of the bag is front and center, allowing you to more easily balance while on your bike.

Sure, you’ve seen this sort of thing before with bicycle baskets, but the Scout 11 Duffle does so much more. The closed pack is waterproof and stores up to six liters of stuff.

Baskets are too much of a risk in the big city; items can just bounce out of them when you hit a bump, and your things will get wet or snowed on in bad weather.

This duffle bag uses a stiff, yet lightweight material that can protect your items while you ride. Once you arrive at your destination, the duffle bag easily detaches from the handlebars so you can take it with you where your bike can’t go.


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