Detachable and lockable bicycle crate
transform your bike into a packing mule

Bicycle Crate

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Detachable and lockable bicycle crate
transform your bike into a pack mule

It’s a bicycle cargo crate, a wheeled shopping cart, it’s lockable, easily removed, and it’s foldable too.

Most similar cargo boxes for bikes can’t be taken of in a click, nor are they as securely locked to prevent theft as the Dutch Fietsklik box.

What’s also very convenient, Crate’s extendable (telescoping) handle and specifically designed wheels allow you to take it from your bike and into the store.

The Klik attaches to any standard rear rack. Instead of the crate you will soon be able to attach a child seat too (it’s currently been tested).

For more storage there are big shopper pannier bags you can attach. The carriers include messenger, shopping and laptop bags.

“The aim of Fietsklik is to give people the confidence to do a wider range of errands by bike and to feel comfortable while carrying things that they wouldn’t normally think they could carry by bike,”


transform your bicycle cargo crate to a convenient shopping cart
hauling groceries by bike was never easier



just fold it up when not in use



This user-friendly bicycle upgrade will increase the versatility of your bike. Thus reducing the need to take the car. By doing so this is yet another innovative product that will aid in creating a better, healthier, greener world.

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