Prepd Pack Smart Modular Lunch Box

Eating healthy seems so simple, and yet many people grow frustrated trying to track calories and cut carbs, all to no avail. Keeping tabs on the types of foods you’re eating and calories consumed doesn’t have to be difficult, not with the Prepd Pack.

This modular bento-like lunchbox helps you stay on track with your diet by providing you with recipes through its app concocted specifically for its container sizes.

The lunchbox has a variety of leak-proof containers that can be arranged however you need them to be, and the recipes make sure you don’t make too much food, reducing food waste and extra calories at the same time.

Prepd Pack comes with professional recipes via the iOS’ HealthKit app

The app and lunchbox work in tandem to keep you healthy on the go, but that’s not all it does. The built-in silicon mat ensures there’s no meal mess left behind, making the Prepd Pack perfect for school-aged children and adults alike.

You can send your kids off to school knowing they have a perfectly portioned meal in their backpacks. The Prepd Pack gives you peace of mind during the time you’re on your diet, and it helps you stay on track even when you’re not.

It’s the world’s smartest lunchbox, and it’s helping people everywhere live healthier and happier.

Hit up Kickstarter to learn more about this extremely successful funding project.


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Last Updated on February 8, 2016 by Tyler