OfficeGym, turn your desk chair into a physical workout station

OfficeGym Turns Your Office Chair Into Fitness Machine

Productivity is important, but so is your health and body. Sitting too long during the day can lead to back pain and poor blood circulation, so why let your body degenerate when you can have a fun, stress-free workout at your desk?

We know what you’re thinking: “Workouts aren’t fun! How could they possibly be fun?” Well, just think of this as a good excuse to take a break from typing those reports.

The OfficeGYM is a device that attaches to your office chair and provides you with a series of exercises to improve and maintain muscle health while reducing symptoms of what’s known as the “sitting disease.”

It attaches to your chair much like a backpack would, just with a lot more straps, making it a snug and secure fit.

Handles with a tension cord can be pulled to exercise arms and legs the same way you see people doing at the gym on those machines.

You do remember the gym, right?


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