Livi portable plant holder that sticks to walls and windows

Portable Livi Planter Sticks To Windows, The Fridge & More

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You’ve probably heard about wall-mounted shelves and desks, even wall-mounted entertainment systems, but have you ever seen a portable wall / window planter? Well, now you have!

Livi is a revolutionary new way to grow plants in your home without the need to clear off a bunch of space for pots and planters.

Your windowsill is probably overcrowded and more space to grow delish microgreens and fresh herbs is always welcome right?

Well, that’s what the creators of Live thought too. So they took the logical step by going up, using the unused vertical kitchen real estate that is the window itself.

Why portable you might ask?

Well, so you can quickly and effortlessly adapt to the seasons. Situate your flowers or herbs in the ideal position on that moment. You know, so you can stick it where the sun does shine.

What else makes Livi worth your money?

Livi can adhere to any flat vertical surface and stay put as long as you need it to. The suction is much like that of a tree frog’s, and the planter’s design was heavily inspired by this little miracle of nature.

A great feature of Livi is that it leaves no marks on walls or windows. Residue from other adhesives or marks from mountings or nails aren’t something renters can afford, so a lot of small space residents have to settle for one small planter squished against a window ledge.

These suction planters are also vulnerable to pets who like to chew on the greenery, but Livi can be placed up and out of reach without taking up any space.

Livi can hold up to 10 oz and is eco-friendly, built with 100% recyclable materials in a memorable design.

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