Boskke Cube Planter
a plant's root system is beautiful too

Integrated Water Tank Planter

Boskke Cube Planter
a plant’s root system is beautiful too

A while ago we asked in a local gardening for a transparent planter. Our request was met with slight ridicule and ignorance. ‘Why would you want to see the roots, and possible moss growing?’ That’s the exactly the purpose I fruitlessly tried to explain.

At Boskke they do get it. Their planters celebrate plants and provide ease of use to their owners. Boskke is the company behind the smart, space-saving, upside down Sky planters you can hang on each and every location providing ultimate comfort. (think hanging your fresh herbs above the kitchen island)

They created an innovative transparent planter allowing you see through its exterior offering a view on the roots and the soils eco system. If you’re lucky you can literally see the roots growing since roots can grow up to 1 cm a day (in ideal conditions). Did you know it’s common for plants to grow about as much roots as plant above the soil surface?

You may not be interested in these fun facts at all. What’s more important is that the Cube planter has a built-in water tank. As a result, plants housed in the Cube planter only need watering once a month.

The body of the Boskke Cube provides a large water reservoir, and the Slo-Flo watering system allows water to feed up into the soil, keeping your plant healthy and watered for extended periods  Visit Boskke for sizes and prices.


Last Updated on April 30, 2014 by Tyler