app controled LED bulb

LuMini App Controled LED Bulb

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app controled LED bulbControl this LuMini LED bulb with your smartphone. Set it to relaxing, wake up, or romantic mode, let it react to music, choose a pre-programmed mode or customize it yourself based on 16 million colors.

Create a wonderful atmosphere in your home that influences how you feel. A romantic ambiance for a dinner for two. Or a nice soft lighting scheme for watching a movie. Or a brighter setting that enhances your work productivity.

The 400 lumen (equivalent to 40W) bulb saves energy and detects if you are home and notifies you about incoming phone calls. Works via Bluetooth 4.0 so it can be used without an internet connection.

More about the LuMini smart bulb by Tabu at Kickstarter. Looking for a dedicated dawn simulator? Here’s a list of the best wake up lights.