Touchless Stationary Vacuum With HEPA Filter

Sweeping isn’t the problem for most folks, its hassling with the dustpan and transporting the dust, debris, crumbs, fur, and hairs elsewhere.

Some people may even like to sweep, not mentioning anyone in particular here *ahum*. With swift moves the activity has a resemblance of Tai Chi or another Eastern meditative art that involves gracious moves, breathing rhythmically, and sticks.

The fact that you immediately see the fruits of your efforts makes sweeping even more satisfactory. Well, I digress.

This innovative vacuum positions itself in between self-maneuvering robot vacs and the good old hand-held vacuum cleaner. Well, not literally, as it doesn’t move. But that’s exactly its unique selling point.

It won’t bump into walls nor will it make you frantically pull the vacuum cleaner hose behind you when it’s stuck again behind a corner.

Nope, this nifty stationary vacuum sucks up anything that is swept in front of it.

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Last Updated on August 4, 2016 by Tyler