TellSpec food scanner

Analyze your food for allergens before you eat or buy it with this portable, easy to carry scanner. Apart from allergens the corresponding smartphone app informs you about chemicals, calories, preservatives, and nutrients as well as the ingredients present in any food item.

Find out if that oil is really trans fat free. Check if the organic kale really hasn’t been grown with the use of pesticides. Its low-power laser and spectrometer scan food contents through plastic or behind glass.

Other possibilities, learn about your food sensitivities and track your daily vitamin intake. Know exactly how many fats, sugars, and other substances are present per gram of a scanned food item.

It goes even further, the TellSpec scanner can even give you the background story on not well known ingredients such as Tartrazine, a synthetic lemon yellow commonly used for food coloring.

You can also keep score of your daily nutritional goals. Subscription is required for connection with the TellSpec cloud servers.

Last Updated on March 27, 2014 by Tyler