SOUP3RB Cook + Blend Blender with Built-In Heating Element

SOUP3RB Blender, Smoothie and Soup Maker

You may have to look twice to make sense out of the SOUP3RB blend of letters and numbers. Being almost a robot, is its name a reference to Star Wars’ robots 3-CPO or R2-D2?

Or does it, not so- simply, say Supberb Souperb?

Okay okay, I will restrain from making any more witty witterings on language soup and the likes.

All linguistic nitpicking aside, you guessed it already, beside making smoothies this blender makes soup.

It does not only heat up the veggies you just blendered. It also sautees, boils, warms, and simmers. It allows you to follow all the steps required to make a decent soup.

It sizzles garlic and onions, liquefies tomatoes, and even stirs the cream you’ll add later on.

Needless to say that 3 Squares’ SOUP3RB makes duck soup out of making sauces too. With the sauté setting, you can even brown meat.

This many-trick pony features an auto soup setting that after boiling the ingredients, automatically reduces them to a simmer.

Basically it processes everything that’s liquid and edible. From vegetable juices to smoothies, to macro-biotic baby food. From meat sauce to home-made soy milk. From chunky guacamole to spicy ranch sauce. From pancake and waffle mix to protein shakes.

Yep, that’s pretty much literally everything, from soup to nuts. (Seriously: just think about home-made peanut butter or nuts and honey to make granola bars.)

But wait there’s more.

Besides heating up foods its Smart Smoothies function can also crunch ice and frozen fruits and other ingredients for mouth-watering frosty drinks and smoothies.

We’d almost forget to mention that..

On top of that it’s a darn fine blender too.


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