Ruggie alarm clock mat

Ruggie Alarm Clock Mat Forces You To Get Up

Last Updated on January 19, 2016 by

Kickstarter is known for its tendency to launch life-altering products. Whether the Ruggie Alarm Clock belongs to this category remains to be seen (although the Kickstarter campaign already yielded more than 5 times its initial funding goal).

Which makes us think that for the considerable part of people who really need a push to get out of bed Ruggie may help.

The principle is simple, the alarm clock won’t stop beeping until you step on the foam mat on the ground next to your bed.

The idea behind it is that once you’re standing up, out from under your warm blanket you are more likely to stay up. For some the pull may be too strong. Even though the ‘snooze proof sensor’ forces you to stand for at least 3 seconds on the mat.

This alarm clock brings a science-backed benefit; it does not allow you to snooze. Which is a plus as research shows that snoozing only makes you more tired during the day because it interferes with your Circadian rhythm.

Another feature many night owls may like, Ruggie can play custom sounds by connecting it to your computer. Wake up with binaural beats, your favorite Baroness song, or some empowering Tony Robbins affirmations.


For those who prefer a more natural way of waking up, these artificial dawn wake up lights may be a more satisfying way to start the day.