Nano B Antibacterial Charcoal and Gold Toothbrush


The ancient use of charcoal as a purifier and preservative goes back to the Egyptians and Sumerians. Activated charcoal was used by our ancestors to store water, prepare medicine, to cure poisoning and a variety of ailments as well as many other purposes.

Anno 2015 awareness about toxic health care products is growing leading to a resurgence of organic, all-natural, organic, and environmentally friendly ingredients.

The Nano-B Toothbrush fits in this trend. Half its bristles feature bamboo charcoal particles, their natural whitening ability help keep your teeth whiter. Gold nano particles on the other bristles kill bacteria, both in your mouth and on the brush.

The double-layered bristles both polish teeth and clean hard-to-reach areas. The rounded edges are designed to be more gentle on sensitive gums and enamel

Ordinary toothbrushes are commonly breeding grounds for bacteria that are known to spread the common cold or flu. The Nano B deals with this problem while giving you a brighter smile at the same time.

No more cross contamination of the flu via the family toothbrushes. No more yellow teeth or having to bleach them with harsh chemicals. The Nano-B is a manual toothbrush with 99.9% effectiveness in killing bacteria that gives you a movie-star smile.

This toothbrush is a natural teeth whitener, is antibacterial, and affordable at only £7.99.



Last Updated on July 23, 2015 by Tyler