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Motion Sensing Illumination For Stairs

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You must have been there: painful nocturnal encounters with dark, unlit stairs.

Still pretty much asleep, peeking through your half-closed eyelids you stumble out of bed to go to the bathroom.

You make your way towards the stairs and, in a matter of seconds, you arms are desperately reaching for anything to cling on to because you have missed that first step up or down, and for milliseconds you feel as if you’re in a free fall.

If you only you could see your steps without flipping on lights and enduring the searing pain of blinding brightness at 2 AM.

What if you could?

Cue, an illumination kit for your stairs.

The Soled LED Stairs Illumination kit is easily installable to any staircase of any size, and provides motion-sensored light upon approach.

The step lights are bright enough to see exactly where you are going, and it will alert you to how far away the next step is.

Added benefit: it spares your sensitive nighttime eyes by not blinding you the moment you step out into the hallway. This way your biological clock isn’t disturbed so you’ll wake up fully rested.

If you regularly have problems watching out for your staircase, or you simply wish to avoid the pitfalls altogether, than this simple illumination kit is your answer.

No more stubbed toes, no more trembling and collapsing down the stairs waking up the whole darn house.

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