Smart Sous Vide Machine

Mellow app connected sous vide cooker
sous vide cooking 2.0

Sous vide cooking* is about four years old and since its conception, techniques have evolved making it easier and increasingly popular.

The latest developments have resulted in Mellow, a smart sous vide machine. Specifically designed for home chefs.

Featuring wireless smartphone control, to the ability to keep your food at refrigerator temperature, almost no cleaning required, no need for a vacuum sealer, and the way it displays the food makes Mellow an outstanding device among its competitors.

The ultra-modern machine senses the weight of the food you insert and after your instructions you can go your own way. Monitoring or controlling the process on your smartphone if you want and from wherever your are. As you cook Mellow learns your preferences.

Apart from that, Mellow has the looks too. It offers the most fashionable way to effectively and evenly cook food’s inside without overcooking the outside; making the food juicier and amplifying the flavor.

Sous vide cooking, extremely precise cooking with minimal effort allows you to perfectly cook your half soft egg or to cook the most tender beef that would otherwise require stewing for days. Controlled-temperature cooking also eliminates the risk of overcooking.

* Cooking foods in vacuum sealed bags immersed in water that is maintained at a precisely set temperature. The term sous vide is French and literally means “under vacuum.”

Sous vide cooking has been used by chefs for years. It is praised for its ability to create a flavor-packed taste to the food at exactly the texture you want it to be.

If you are eager to try Mellow you’ll have to be patient since shipping starts early 2015. You can pre-order at a discounted price now at




Last Updated on February 7, 2015 by Tyler