Luna Smart Mattress Cover Cares For You While You Sleep


The Internet of Things is now sprucing up your bed with the Luna smart mattress cover. It heats your bed, tracks your sleep and is a smart alarm.

You spend twenty five years of your life in bed. Luna can help make the most of those years. The Luna Mattress Cover System is all about you: how you sleep, how you wake and how you live. Luna also cares about your partner, learning and adjusting to their individual needs. (When was the last time you did that for them?)

Even when you’re away the internet connected mattress cover is ready to provide you with the comfort she knows you deserve. Through cutting-edge mobile applications Luna can be set to your ideal level of comfort and ready for you even when you are away from home.

When you slip into bed for the night, dual temperature controls mean you’re both resting at your best as Luna continually monitors your sleep to adjust the temperature to your specific needs.

When morning comes Luna gently wakes you at the perfect moment of light sleep to ease you into your day. Because Luna connects to your other Internet connected devices she can instruct your coffee maker to begin brewing as soon as your feet touch the floor in the morning and your home thermostat to adjust to your perfect daytime setting.

Many people track their movements during their waking hours only to have cold statistics given to them by a lifeless computer. There is little in the way of noticeable improvement for some time.

Not with Luna.

Track your rest with Luna and feel the warmth, luxury, peace and restfulness that can only come with a Luna night’s sleep. You’ll feel the difference after only a few nights. Luna tracks your sleep phases, heart rate, and breathing rate, humidity and ambient light among other things and combines this data to offer you personal sleep improvement recommendations via the paired smartphone app.

Besides connection to your coffee machine it can also communicate with your Nest thermostat, Lockitron smart locks, Beep-enabled stereo system and Emberlight smart globes.

How about that for a smooth start of the day?

Being woken up at the moment that gives you the most energetic start of the day, automatically having switched on the heating and lights while your favorite wake-up music is playing and your java is brewing.

Your time has come to be pampered while gaining and maintaining the healthy lifestyle you so strive toward during the day, at night. Sleep in the assurance that Luna will be there to sooth your weary body from the night you take her home and for years to come.

The Luna Mattress Cover. Because #sleepmatters.

Check it out here.


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Last Updated on August 18, 2015 by Tyler