modular autonomous yard work robot

Kobi All-Season Yard Work Robot

Some say Kobi is essentially a Roomba for your lawn. Except it’s more versatile than its robot vacuum cleaner cousin. It’s been called a robot lawn mower but that doesn’t do justice to its versatility.

In summer Kobi trims the grass; in autumn it sucks up leaves; in winter it blows snow.

However much you love gardening, nobody loves raking leaves: this little beastie takes over your least-favorite chores so you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time tidying it.

The Kobi can be “taught” the outside perimeter of your property and the location of any fixed obstacles (like garden sheds, ponds, or washing poles.) Once it knows where to go, you can simply set it off and it will cut the lawn or remove leaves for you, mulching the chippings as it goes.

You can even program it to dump the clippings in a specific place so you can sweep them up for the compost heap.

Once it’s completed its task, it drives meekly back to the docking station to recharge itself.

In winter, the Kobi’s wireless connections will actually send you a message when it’s likely to snow. A knee-high robot can’t tackle huge snowdrifts: instead, it cleverly starts clearing while the snow is still falling, so it never has more than a few centimeters to clear at any one time.

It can’t remove a huge volume of snow (it can cover less than half an acre in snow mode, compared with 7 acres for lawn mode or 4 acres for leaf), but it’s perfect for keeping your driveway cleared of snow during winter.

See the Kobi in action in this short video:


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Last Updated on December 1, 2016 by Tyler