Holi Sleep Companion Sleep Aiding Light Bulb

This LED bulb helps you jump out of your bed. Well jump, perhaps it just makes dreadful awakenings a little less unpleasant. Either way, the principle is similar to that of artificial dawn alarm clocks: a specific wavelength of blue light is emitted that reduces your body’s melatonin levels to ease you into the day.



Besides helping you get up the Holi Sleep Companion also enhances and monitors your sleep. The light and app, based on NASA research, allow you to get a better understanding of the quality of your sleep. Things such as ambient noise, brightness and temperature of light and other factors may interfere or enhance your sleep patterns. holi-sleep-companion-light

Hugging bedtime, warm, soothing colors deprived of blue hues help you doze off more quickly and help prevent ‘blue light delayed sleep phase syndrome’. More about how to combat sleeplessness caused by blue light.

The Holi is compatible with FitBit,  Jawbone, and Netatmo trackers.

improve your sleep with this sleep aiding light bulb

Don’t expect a miracle cure though. If you have difficulty falling asleep at night you may want to reduce your time behind a computer screen or tablet as well.

Especially the last few hours of the day your exposure to these types of blue light will keep you up or interfere with the quality of your sleep. A gadget like this can help you doze off but merely as part of an integral approach.

Regarding its abilities to wake you up in the morning, it starts to light up 20 minutes before the alarm rings, gradually increasing in intensity to wake you up gently.

If you really need the best solution for waking up more naturally on dark mornings you may want to take a look at the artificial dawn simulators below.


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