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Fluidstance Level Board To Match Your Standing Desk

By now you must have heard that you can lead a healthier lifestyle simply by standing at your desk instead of sitting behind it.

Standing desks are popping up across campuses, libraries, home offices and businesses everywhere. But is simply standing good enough to reverse all of the negative impacts that come spending your whole day in front of a computer?

Though it helps, Fluidstance insists that it isn’t enough. Your body still isn’t getting as much exercise as you need. Standing on your feet all day can also be hard on your body.

Because of this, they have created the Level. It’s a balance board designed to keep you standing and constantly in motion when at your computer.

  • The Level resembles a traditional balance board but is created from higher quality materials. It uses recycled military grade aluminum for the balancing frame.
  • You can choose between a bamboo or maple wooden deck. One of Fluidstance’s founding principles is to be earth friendly, so know that your purchase is good for our planet.

But does it actually reduce the unwanted effects of prolonged sitting or standing? And do you have to have skateboard or snowboard experience to avoid breaking an ankle?

Being that this is somewhat like a wheelless skateboard for your standing desk. You know, like a spooner board with which many kids are introduced to surfing or skating.

The Level measures in at just over two feet long by one foot wide and weighs just over seven pounds. It’s big enough to offer a comfortable stance while in use but is still small and light enough to be portable.

You can use it at home in the evenings and then take it into work the next morning without a problem.

You may think that standing on a board, keeping your balance, and trying to work may lead you to distraction. Fluidstance states that isn’t the case.

There are no statistical differences between sitting at your desk and using the Level. When using the Level, you will find that your body does most of the work, making subconscious adjustments that let you maintain balance.

You’ll find yourself burning calories without even thinking about it. The Level increases your heart rate by an average of 15 percent when compared to sitting at your desk and increases your leg motion more than 20 times when compared to standing.

It’s comparable to walking while still at your desk. If you’ve been standing behind your desk but feel pain in your hips, knees, and other joints, the Level also fixes this problem.

Its subtle instability keeps your body in constant motion, ensuring that your joints receive minimal stress.

  • The Level works on any surface. You can use it on carpet, wood, tile, concrete, and any other surface you may encounter.
  • It is recommended that you buy a chair mat or a base mat to increase your movement and protect whatever surface you’re on, but it isn’t necessary.


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Various accessories are available for the Level, ranging from a mat for increased grip and a custom made storage stand.

The Level is designed for those looking to increase their physical activity when trapped behind a desk.

While it works best if you’re standing, it is also possible to use as a foot rest while sitting.

No matter whether you choose to use it while sitting or standing, we’re not sure if it’s an excellent product that is sure to increase your health.

You’ll have to try it for yourself to know for sure.

Especially since the Fluidstance Level isn’t available on Amazon. So there’s no abundant review source to peruse.


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