Simple Wooden Coffee Brewer Adds Flavor To Your Coffee

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simple and easy to use, stylish and space-saving


This is probably the most simplistic yet elegant coffee ‘machine’ you have ever seen. The unique Canadiano Coffee Maker simply consists of a wood block with a stainless steel filter.

The idea behind using wood to brew coffee is similar to the principle of using wooden barrels to age wine or distilled spirits such as whiskey. The type of wood has a substantial influence on the scent and taste of the end product.

Canadiano, the company behind this pour-over coffee maker, recommend different woods for different coffee roasts resulting in various flavors of which most have a nutty undertone in common.

The wooden coffee maker itself is ingeniously carved to establish a gentle bend with a upward pointing cone acting as a sifter gathering the coffee grounds sediment. This unorthodox coffee maker can be a great alternative for a traditional coffee machine in one person households.

It creates a unique taste since the wood adds flavor to your coffee and the oils in the coffee are absorbed by the wood adding to your java’s flavor over time. Wood types available are cherry, white oak, walnut and Canadion birch.

Pretty intriguing huh? Tempted to get one? Don’t let the high hipster factor hold you back. Striving to only drink beer brewn within a few blocks distance or drinking an icy Shakerato before it is cool, isn’t hip anymore. Not giving a damn about trends is the new craze. So if you like the natural, elementary approach and flavor enhancing ability this coffee maker has to offer, you may want to give it a try.


Canadiano top, bottom, and sides
Canadiano top, bottom, and sides


comes in different colors


Canadiano is suitable for both light and dark roast coffee beans. A standard metal filter for medium grounds is included.

Hit up Canadiano to learn more.


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