Energy Boosting Toothpaste

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Why use a caffeinated toothpaste you may wonder? Because of novelty? After all it it’s world’s first.

Even though the newness of this morning routine product could be an incentive to innovators and early adopters there’s something else.

As you may know, the caffeine in coffee only starts to fire up your mind and body after at least 20 minutes or so (which is why coffee naps can be so revitalizing).

The caffeine in Power Energy Toothpaste gets absorbed through your gums and tongue allowing it to work much more quickly.

Use it to evaporate morning haziness as fast as possible. Or brush your teeth with it to be able to skip your morning cuppa joe altogether.

Its inventors claim you’ll get a rush when you brush within ten seconds. Now that’s quite handy when you’re time limited (and who isn’t on early mornings?).

Or when your groggy clumsiness causes all kinds of delay causing you to be in a hurry even more.

Can you use some extra alertness? Don’t mind noticing you’ve been drinking less coffee because of it?

Check out the already extremely popular Power Toothpaste on IndieGoGo.

Are there more energy toothpastes?


Yes, there are.

Another energizing toothpaste is R.O.C.S’ Energy toothpaste which contains taurine instead of caffeine.

  • Taurine is the naturally present substance that is depleted in your brain when your tired. It’s an active ingredient in Red Bull and is present in meat and fish and is produced naturally in your body.


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