birch wood storage coat hanger

elegant coat hanger with storage space

Multifunctional coat hanger that features inside room for all of your on-the-go belongings without being bulky.

Many coat hanger, storage combinations are pretty space-consuming. They often stick out from the wall being intrusive.

This clever design is only 5 centimeters, not even 2 inch thick. It’s great because it stands out, not sticks out.

The various sized rounded protrusions at the front board let you conveniently hang all kinds of things. From your coat, scarf, earphones, necklace, hoodie or hat.

Behind it there’s room to keep your house and car keys, phone, navigation system, mail, or gloves.

The robust hanger is made from birch plywood and designed for everyday use.

Wallmonds hanger frame designer is former Benneton employee Gonzalo Campos.


“Very robust and made for everyday use, this product was made to stand out and hang items of all sizes thanks to its irregular curves.”