Grilling is more than fun. It is a primal activity that’s almost as old as we are as a species. For the large part of our existence we used grilling to cook our food while being in nature.

That’s why portable grills are the pinnacle of barbecuing. Being able to grill wherever you go, has been and still is, one of the most awarding things we human beings can do.

No wonder a high quality, easy to carry, pleasant to use grill is such a valuable possession. Whether you are looking for that ultimate grill to take with you in the RV, when going to the beach, or while camping. Here’s a list with the 10 best portable grills available. (in random order)

So you can grill like it’s intended, whether you are in the wild, at the beach, on a parking lot, in your backyard, or wherever the party is happening.


1. Darwin Briefcase BBQ

Darwin BBQ

for the grilling businessman


Taking off early from the office to hit the park for some early weekend barbecuing?

Although this may not be of the same magnitude as strolling to the camping toilet with a toilet roll under your arm but we can imagine you may want to hide your intentions.

If only to avoid jealous looks and snarky remarks from collegues who are still confined to their office space.

portable and discrete

portable and discrete


The portable Darwin BBQ that looks like a briefcase offers the perfect solution for such occasions. Its triangular shape when opened reveals an easy to clean ash pan and grilling space.

Suitable for grilling a few hamburgers, prawns on skewers, veggies, or other small sized foods. We think the Darwin grill is a great piece of gear, because, after all, adaptation is what life is all about.

€24.99 at Iwoot.


2. Eva Solo ToGo Grill

Eva Solo portable grill

portable grill with holding strap


With the Eva Solo BBQ we remain in the sphere of human origins and sins. At least what its name is concerned. Regarding its sleek design (it looks awesome don’t you think?) and great portability there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Expand your grilling activities to a wider area than just your garden. Take Eva with you and grill on camp sites, hiking trips, park walks or wherever you want.



The grill handles stay cool and allow for easy carrying around. The highly practical strap holds the various parts together during transport or storage. The grill can be closed with a lid, which doubles as a dome cover when the grill is lit.

$210 at Eva Solo.


3. Cityboy Picnic Grill

Cityboy picnic grill

portable gas grill


Some prefer grilling on charcoal, others like gas grilling better. Both have their pros and cons. If you are looking for a portable gas grill that looks great too, the City Boy Picnic grill may be something for you.

It heats up by a Primus 225g standard gas cartridge, is made from powdercoated steel, stainless steel and features a stainless steel and oak handle for easy carrying. City Boy is designed by Klaus Aalto.

$230 at Finnish Design Shop.


4. Slatgrill portable grill

Slatgrill portable grill

this stainless steel grill packs flat


Perfection is in simplicity. This food safe, stainless steel grill packs flat making it truly transportable. Weighing less than 3 lbs it fits easily in your backpack but comes with a pouch too.



this robust grill sets up quickly and easily without moving parts


Suitable for various fuel sources the sturdy Slatgrill is able to support over 100 pounds making it a really versatile portable grill.

This is not just a cool looking portable grill, its clever design, versatility and robustness make for an essential possession during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Get it at Slatworx. $89,95


5. Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ

spare tire mounted grill

this cooking grate stores over your spare tire


The more space we have the more we are inclined to fill it up with stuff. This is true for our homes but also for our cars.

Even with a spacious SUV you have to keep in mind to pack the grill last so it’s at your disposal when those spontaneous barbecue moments occur.


grate is able to adjust to fit tire sizes from 29″ to 37″

grate is able to adjust to fit tire sizes from 29″ to 37″


The ingenious spare tire mount grill (braai) puts an end to digging under the airbeds, sleeping bags and other goods to find that doggone grill.

With its robust steel legs hooked over the (rear) spare wheel it’s at your disposal at all times while taking up virtually no extra space.

Grab one at Frontrunner Outfitters. $125.



6. UCO Grilliput lighweight portable grill

UCO Grilliput portable grill

a highly compact and self-contained grilling solution


The Grilliput lets you fold your grill up and pack it in its tube weighing just over a pound. UCO’s grill may not be the most sturdy or versatile grill among the portable grills but it is a firesure way of carrying your grill in your backpack.



a truly lightweight and portable grill

packed measurements only 11 by 1 inch and weighing only 19.8 oz (560g)


It’s also the only unit available on the market today that is a container in and of itself. Great as everyday carry gear slash backup grill you can use for unforeseen events when you just need something to cook on.

Pick one up for $24,99 at Amazon.


7. Brennwagen GT800I portable grill on wheels

Brennwagen GT800i grill

this is much more than a grill on wheels


Truly portable grills don’t have to be small. This portable grill on wheels by Brennwagen not only sports big wheels for easy pulling it also features drawers fully isolated drawers for meat and beverages, it has reliable drum brakes, and height adjustable grill surfaces.

Not to forget a drawer to fit a beer crate. We are talking about a German invention after all, the country that’s not only renowned for its engineering. Brennwagen grills come in different models and various options are available.

$725 – $6300 at


8. Weber Go Anywhere Grill


best selling portable grill on Amazon

The gold standard in portable grills, a true classic, Weber’s Go Anywhere grill. More dedicated to its job as a traveling grill than the other highly popular barbecue by the same brand; Weber’s Smokey Joe portable grill.

The Go Anywhere grill features carry handles, lets you fold up the legs and snap over the cover. According to many this particular grill may win the prize for most portable grill (if that contest would exist).

It not only is a great grill to use when on the go but can be used for normal use, accommodating a small group of persons while being sturdy and convenient in use. Available in a propane gas version too.

Pick yours up at Amazon


9. Epicoa Portable Rotisserie Grill

Carson portable rotisserie grill

voted #1 charcoal grill in America

Another grill that packs up like a briefcase but this time it’s a rotisserie grill. The Epicoa Rotisserie grill (formerly known as Carson rotisserie grill) holds up to seven rotating skewers making it a truly unique in its kind grill.

The internal rechargeable battery or plug-in wall adapter allows for a portable alternative to the art of  Brazilian style cooking. This awesome grill allows you to cook in Brazil’s “churrasco” style, grilling meats, fish, vegetables, and even fruits on skewers over open flame fires.

Be a true grillmeister no matter the location, show off your skills on the beach, campsite, parking lot, or just your backyard.

$729. Check it out at Epicoa.


10. Fire Sense Notebook Portable Grill

Firesense foldable grill

foldable lightweight charcoal grill


Hotspot’s Firesense Notebook grill folds flat for easy storage and transport. Once folded it is its own carrying cage.

This grill doubles as a fire pit. Probably not the sturdiest among its competitors but it makes up for that by being extremely portable.

$31.75 More info here.


Our favorites are the Slatworx Slatgrill and the Weber Go Anywhere Grill.

Which do you like best?