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12 Benefits Of Sleeping On A Water Pillow

Do you toss and turn, waking up with a stiff neck that feels like it’s a toothpick about to break? You may be using the wrong pillow.

But then again, you probably already know that. You may have been on a quest for the perfect pillow.

In that case, we don’t have to tell you that regular, foam and goose feather pillows may feel great at first, but after you wake up feeling like you were on the losing end of a kickboxing match.

You’ve slept on buck and cloth, microbead and bucketwheat, and memory foam pillows, which sometimes slept horrible, sometimes felt good for a while, but after weeks you experienced discomfort again.

You have tried special neck pillows that constructed with a baffle supporting the cervical spine. But all to no avail.

So you’ve finally decided you want to try a water pillow.

It probably doesn’t take any convincing to try out this new sleeping companion, but just for the sake of clarity we’ve listed various ways a water pillow can improve your sleep, as well as your spine.

12 Water Pillow Benefits


1. Punching the stuffing into place is a thing of the past. Conventional pillows lose firmness over time. A water pillow does not. It stays firm and requires no adjustment to provide you with the best night’s sleep you ever had. Unless there’s a leak, it will never go flat!

2. The pillow is weighed down by the water, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out from under you. The water pillow stays exactly where you put it.

3. It’s perfect for any type of sleeper, whether you rest primarily on your side, back or stomach. The pillow’s ever-changing shape fits our body like a glove no matter what position you’re in.

4. Even active sleepers (those who move around a lot) can benefit from the water pillow. Turning over several times won’t scoot the pillow off the edge of the bed or mess up how the stuffing sits inside.

5. You’re less likely to wake up during the night. Not only because it has clinically shown to  provide more restful sleep but also because you’re likely to be free from nocturnal neck pain or a missing pillow from shoving it off the bed. This means continuous sleep and more energy the next day.

6. The pillow can be adjusted to the exact firmness setting that you want by playing with the amount of water inside. If it’s too firm/too soft, change the water level by filling or draining it.

7. Since the water pillow conforms to your shape and position, you know your neck, spine and tailbone are supported, leading to less body aches and headaches upon waking.

8. The water pillow can help to realign your spine by supporting you in the correct sleeping position. Other pillows may force your neck into an odd angle or fail to support your neck and shoulders.

9. Because of their contents, water pillows maintain a more neutral temperature during the night. Very few people have reported the pillow being too hot or too cold.

10. The water pillow listed below is hypo-allergenic, so users don’t need to be concerned that their pillow will cause itching or discomfort. Users will sleep soundly and itch-free!

11. You’ll see improved skin because of the pillow conforming to your face rather than pressing into it. This not only prevents an early morning wrinkled face but can help fight signs of aging and skin irritation.

12. Some users mention how the Mediflow water pillow prevented them from waking up with sore ears. Being side sleepers, the side of their head pressed their ear in their previous pillow causing ear pain but no more with a water pillow.


So are water pillows the best thing since sliced bread?

Yes and no.

If your sleep quality can be improved by a better head and neck posture, these pillows can be true lifesavers.

If you don’t wake up with a hurting neck or back but do tend to sleep restlessly, these pillows may still improve your quality of life.

They are basically “waterbed pillows”. Your head reaps the advantages of lying on water while your body enjoys the more steady support of a normal mattress.

  • What’s also great, the water in the Mediflow pillow does not produce any sounds.
  • It is a bit heavy at almost 8 pounds (depending on how much water you put into it) so this may prevent you from moving it around or putting it up behind your back to read a book.
  • Balanced, unbiased reporting commands us to mention that everybody is different. Especially when it comes to sleeping position preferences.
  • Some like to sleep with their head supported by two pillows, others sleep flat on their mattress. Some sleep on their back, others on their side, others toss and turn throughout the night.


Regardless of your nocturnal behavior and preferences, you can only know for sure if you try it for yourself.


Or read some of the tons of raving reviews.


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