Vufine+ Wearable Display For Action Cameras, Games, Web Browsing & More

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Wearable tech has been “the next big thing” for about ten years now. Apart from a handful of small gadgets, like fitness trackers, it hasn’t really taken off.

A lot of wearable gadgets – like Google Glass – seem more boys’ toys inspired by sci-fi movies, rather than practical solutions to everyday problems. Vufine+ could be about to change all that.

It’s a small projector which clips onto a pair of glasses, so you can see computerized images while walking. Paradoxically, the clever thing about Vufine is that it doesn’t try to do anything sophisticated. The company says that “your tech is already smart enough, you just need new ways to experience it.”

Instead of presenting you with a complicated new interface to use, Vufine+ simply connects to any gadget capable of giving a 720p HDMI signal and projects the image.

No cameras, no proprietary software, and it costs less than $150. It’s an extension to the tech you already have, rather than a replacement.

Vufine+ uses

There are dozens of possible uses for a Vufine+ camera. Play Pokémon Go, monitor your stock and cryptocurrency levels, keep an eye on your home security system, or just use the screen so you don’t have to keep your phone in your hand.

Use it as a viewfinder for a camera, or to see images recorded by a drone without taking your eyes off the controls.


It allows camera drone operators First Person View (FPV) visualization of the control tablet with one eye while keeping the other eye on the drone.

Clip a GoPro to the back of your bicycle helmet and watch for cars behind you. Doctors can use it to check vitals while interacting with patients; security guards can use it to keep an eye on the CCTV while making their rounds.


The Vufine+ clips easily to any pair of glasses with a secure magnetic holder, which allows you to adjust the position or snap it off in moments. It charges through a docking station, and has a 90-minute battery life when fully charged.

Vufine+ may change the streets, instead of people looking down on their smartphone screens they may be looking up again.

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