Beach Thingy, a "plugin" beach chair

Ultra Portable Lightweight Beach Chair Thingy

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It’s easy to get your lounge chair to the beach when you live right on the shore, but what about the rest of us suckers who have to drag around a heavy metal frame just to kick back and relax?

It’s not much fun, and it’s more work than it’s worth.

Meet the Beach Thingy instant beach chair.

Well, it’s not exactly a chair… it’s more like a chair back, but you can plant it anywhere in the sand or dirt and create your own seating.

Bonus: it’s super lightweight, and it won’t break your back or stub your toe as you lug it around.

The back support is quite nice, actually. It molds to your body and prevents the aching back you’d normally find with other lounge chairs with flat backrests and a space between the backrest and seat for your butt to fall through.

If you’re tired of leaving a mark on both Mother Earth and your backside, consider purchasing the Beach Thingy.

Not only is the name totally awesome, but you’ll get more in touch with the physical earth around you.

People who don’t live on beaches… this one’s for you.

Ready to plug and play?

Grab one here.

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