Tweak Sink Strainer With Handle

Tweak sink strainer gif
the nasty activity of removing the gunk in your sink has been made a bit more bearable with this nifty innovation.


A flexible sink strainer with handle, such a simple yet clever idea. One of those product improvements that’s about time it was made. After all, clearing your sink isn’t the most pleasurable chore to do in the kitchen.

And if you have ever cleaned a clogged sink gasket, either in the bathroom or kitchen, you will know that letting the food scraps just go down the drain without a strainer is no option. It’s already as gross without doing so.

My solution for avoiding to touch the slimy strainer was to use a fork to pick it up by sticking it in one of its holes. But, as you might expect, this method was not always foolproof, especially when in a hurry, creating more mess than I started out with. So luckily for me now there’s this silicone strainer.


TWEAK with its raised handle just requires a simple pinch between your fingers to be picked up. Now you can keep your fingers clear of all the food waste, easily dispose it in the trash, and prevent your sink from clogging.



Tweak is available in different sizes, colors, and styles. Go back this project now at Kickstarter.