TRON-like motor helmet lighting

TRON-style Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmet Strips

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Helmets are a legal requirement and a necessary safety tool, but they are hardly stylish. Recent research found that helmets might even be counter-productive as a safety measure:

drivers tend to pay less attention to cyclists or bikers wearing helmets, because they see protected riders as less of a crash risk.

Inspired by the movie Tron, LightMode’s S-Series helmet kit will make sure every motorist can see you on the road. The kit contains electroluminescent strips which you can attach to any size or style of helmet.


The lights come in a variety of colors, and the kit has two sets of adherents: some reusable mounting stickers so you can try out different positions, and then a sturdy two-part super glue so you can attach the lights permanently.

The manufacturer says that they will “impress 99.7% of pedestrians”, and it’s great fun to ride around the city imagining yourself in a sci-fi movie.

Early versions of the kit were battery-powered, which was expensive and cumbersome. The new S-series is USB rechargeable, via a small removable battery pack which you stick to the back of your helmet.

More at Kickstarter.