Finally, A Motion-Activated Light Worthy Of Your Garage

Have you been scratching your head too? Wondering where to find a super bright light for your garage or shed? Looking for a quick and easy solution? One that doesn’t require re-wiring and drilling holes?

Have you been looking for the brightest, highly energy efficient way to light your garage, while keeping money in your pocket? Then read on to learn about this new Kickstarter-funded innovation.

When it comes to lighting, the garage generally is the most underexposed room in the house. With that many items stored and functions to be fulfilled, strangely there’s often only one measly light bulb.

Hobbling over tools lying around and accidentally knocking down things, as well as not being able to find your stuff result from a dimly lit garage.

Not to forget the safety aspect, coming home late at night to arrive in a cold garage, a dim yellowed bulb, flickering in the darkness.

Enter the TRiLIGHT, a motion-activated garage ceiling light designed to brighten up the ‘depths of the darkest garage’.

Here’s why is this innovative light so great:

  • Plug and play. The screw-in light doesn’t require to be hooked up to the home’s electric system. No re-wiring or drilling required.
  • Powerful.  At 3000 lumen output, TRiLIGHT lets you boost illumination by 3.8 times your standard 60 watt bulb.
  • Energy-efficient. Only uses 25W. It has a lifespan of 50,000 operational hours.
  • Flexible. Aim each of the three adjustable arms to exactly the spot where you need light.
  • Reactive. ‘Extremely sensitive’ motion detection ensures that when the garage door starts to open the garage is lit. Can be turned off.


Besides your garage, this powerful, energy-efficient light by Striker Concepts is very suitable for basements, attics, sheds, and stores as well.

See for yourself:


More info on Kickstarter.