ThermalStrike Bed Bug Killing Luggage



Bed bugs are on the rise and because we travel more they bounced back fiercer than ever. All it takes is one single bed bug or microscopic small egg, stowed away in your suitcase or beach towel to infest your whole home. Bed bugs are found in both budget as well as luxurious hotels, in hospitals, movie theaters, dorm rooms, homes, and even on trains and airplanes.

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ThermalStrike heated luggage attempts to significantly reduce the infestations caused by travel. Which is a good thing since, the past decade, Cimex lectularius, the small insects that feed solely blood from mammals and birds, have become a serious problem. According to experts it’s getting worse and worse.

Entymologists also point out that bedbugs do not like heat. For that reason the pests do not stick on your skin or in your hair or on skin, like ticks and lice or ticks. That’s also why they generally do not remain in our clothes close to our bodily heat. Bedbugs spread commonly via shoes, suitcases, backpacks and other luggage.

Indicator light informs you when the heating process is complete
Indicator light informs you when the heating process is complete

The bed bug killing luggage works by infrared panels located behind the lining. You simply raise the handle, plug the unit in a wall socket and set a timer. Once activated the contents of the luggage is heated to 140ºF (60ºC) for up to eight hours killing bed bugs in all life stages. These temperatures are safe for most items and the ThermalStrike Heated Luggage is FAA and TSA compliant.

Because of pesticide resistance, chemical sprays simply do not work. The most effective solutions are heat treatments and fumigation and heat treatments, but these can set you back a whopping $2,000 to $3,000 each for a single-family home.

The ThermalStrike lineup consists of a 20-inch carry-on case and a 24-inch suitcase.

Brining souvenirs can be nice but bed bugs are the last thing you’d want to bring home from your travels.

$249. Purchase.


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