Swich wireless charger makes using it while charging easier
stylish and ergonomic

Swich Wireless Charger Is Elegant and Ergonomic

Swich wireless charger makes using it while charging easier
Swich: stylish


Most wireless chargers are flat surfaces and do not allow for that much ease of use as this charger does. The Swich wireless charger does not only look great but works great too. After all, design is how things work.

Since we use our phone pretty much all the time, and we can’t do without our device during charging this unique design is such a great improvement upon the flat charging pads. It allows you to keep accessing apps, check mail or your agenda while the battery is getting juiced up.


Swich wireless charger
and ergonomic


Because of its elevation above your desk and adjustable angle it also eliminates the need to grab your phone when a new alert sounds. You can just view your screen at a glance.

Now this may sound as details but considering how much we use our devices on a daily basis this wireless charger truly offers some useful functionality.

Of course you may not need these ‘excuses’ because its elegant design is reason enough for you to get your hands on the Switch. But if you do want more reasons to convince yourself to buy this charger, it’s made out of sustainable materials too.

For more info, watch this short video.

Get yours at Kickstarter. They go for $170 and up.


Last Updated on July 9, 2014 by Tyler