quickly and easily add a date to your storage container

Storage Container With Datable Lid

Don’t trust those two day-ish old leftovers? Standing in front of the fridge, scratching your head you wonder: “Was it two or three days ago I put them in the fridge?”

Sniffing and inspecting you ponder: “Does it smell funny, or am I only imagining it? Am I being overly cautious?” “Is there chicken or seafood in it”. “Hmmm, I spent an hour on this dish. It’s such a shame to throw away but the risk of food poisoning may be looming”. “I really don’t feel like cooking something new today.”.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Now you can conveniently keep the guesswork out of eating leftovers. Without the fuzz of using a label maker or masking tape and a marker to label and date your leftovers.

no more messing with scribbled labels

There’s already too many people who throw out perfectly fine food because they’re fearful of leftovers or exceeding best before dates. Let’s end that wastage. One small step at a time.

Using Joseph Joseph’s Dial Storage Containers with Datable Lids is a great start don’t you think?

Leftover management pro tip: Bacteria can quickly form on leftovers kept unrefrigerated for too long. Cool down your leftovers faster by dividing them into smaller containers. Added benefit: you’ve got ready to eat lunch portions.
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Last Updated on January 25, 2017 by Tyler