Stem Citrus Spritzer, Not So Quirky



Two days ago, during grocery shopping, I had this little organic citrus juice bottle in my hands. Examining the ingredients listed on the label made me frown. True, there was about 20% organic citrus juice in it. The rest of the little plastic bottle contained citric acid (concentrate) and some preservatives. How about that for an organic citrus juice?

Just get the normal, cheaper bottles then. Or even better, use a fresh citrus for its juice, is what I thought.

However if you are using my roommate’s method it can get kind of messy. She just slices of the top and squeezes the poor thing each time she needs it. After use it’s put back in the fridge, until, after the first use already, almost nothing comes out anymore.

This method is not only inefficient (a lot of juice seems to evaporate) but neither very neat either. That mangled, beheaded citrus, exposed, drying out, no protection to inner fridge scents or microbial life.



I can almost hear you think. “This is one of those quirky whimsical gadgets. It will probably clog with pulp after the first spritz and a citrus is cut in half and depitted in no time. That’s not very hobbr-like, you guys listing such a silly kitchen gadget.”

That’s what we initially tought too, after all, we list useful gadgets only here on hobbr.

But this little gizmo is different.

Just hear us out.

  • Not only do you not have to slice open a perfectly good lemon and potentially waste the other half.
  • Nor do you have to separate the pits, which does take some time.
  • Neither to find a use or storage for that residual half lemon. So if you ask us, this product is far from a lemon.



Not so quirky after all huh?

Quirky Citrus Spritzer. $4,99 on Amazon.


Last Updated on January 22, 2015 by Tyler