Seal SwimSafe Swim Monitor System

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You want your kids to be active. You want them to enjoy the outdoors, reap the benefits of the sunshine, and listen to their giggles as they create memories. But potential hazards are hard to avoid.

Drowning is the #1 cause of death in kids under the age of five, and is still in the top three for children under ten.

The SEAL SwimSafe Monitoring System can help keep your children safe and give you a peace of mind.

The system is comprised of lightweight, rechargeable bands, a compact charging station, and a portable alert system.

It has lights and sounds that begin flashing and sounding when a child goes beyond their preset warning levels so that you know exactly which child it is and that they are in need.

The bands can be customized to every child’s needs. If the child wearing the band isn’t allowed in the water, it will send out a signal the moment the band gets wet. If the child has gone too far out, which is great for lakes and oceans, the alert system will sound.

If the child has gone too deep into the water, the system will sound. Whatever settings you toggle to each band, the system will let you know when those settings are bypassed without needlessly alerting you to every single thing that has happened.

Of course it doesn’t replace the need to be alert but this innovative, wearable monitor system gives parents another added layer of security during a fun activity that can turn into tragedy in just the blink of an eye.

Keep your children safe, give yourself a peace of mind, and enjoy the outdoors like you never have before.

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