Saltnets, Snow Melting Mats Offer Safety Without The Mess

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It’s a pain to get out sand or salt when winter hits. Slick ice is lurking underneath the layer of snow on your front porch, and all the shoveling and salting gets old.

What if you had an automatic snow melter that did the job for you? The Saltnets ice melting mat melts away chilly snow and ice in temperatures as low as -15° F.

You get to stay toasty warm inside of your house while the mat does all the work for you by simply sitting on your front step.

The inside of the mat is filled with rock salt; this means that instead of creating a gigantic mess of salt all over your front step (which can ruin the materials on your shoes if you get enough on them), all the salt stays sealed inside the mat until it releases due to snow or cold, allowing it to melt the ice without spreading everywhere.

The Saltnets ice melting mat is great for pet owners who don’t want to put possibly toxic rock salt outside where their cat or dog can lick it up.


Watch this short video to find out how easy de-icing your front step has become.



This innovative mat is an ice-busting time-saver and peace of mind all rolled into one.

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